Capitalising on American Tear Gas Lobbed at Egyptian Protesters

Yes, you already knew our government was extremely supportive in propping up the corrupt Egyptian regime, mostly as a means of keeping their torture routes protected and the oil and military markets flowing profitably... And, no doubt, we will send more tear gas if they need it because there is a lot of money to be made in never ending wars:

“Made in the USA” Tear Gas Thrown at Protesters in Egypt

The United States has given billions of dollars in military aid to Egypt over the decades. The State Department approved the sale of tear gas to its police, despite its known history of brutality.

But the entire Arab world is starting to look like another neoconservative disaster as the lies and collusion between the USA, the UK, Israel and the supposed enemies of freedom - like the contorted and distorted "enemies" in Palestine, for example - come to light. It is another neoconservative contrived clusterfrack of foreign policy failure. But much like the Shock Doctrine delivered banking disaster is, the organized chaos the elite powers that be have preyed upon should be exposed for the Disaster Capitalism that has resulted.

I just want to even further clarify how much collusion exists between the USA, the UK, Israel and both the Palestine and Egyptian leaders they want to keep in place, right now and before I look at other things...

If you are unfamiliar with "The Palestine.Papers" Robert Fisk was discussing in that previous opinion piece on the Arab world  I had shared around a bit this should expand on your insight as to what he was discussing. The source for this little excerpt here I know little about, but the information is relatively correct in as far as what I have learned doing a little research:

"Despite persistent official denials that torture was conducted, the Palestinian Papers put the truth beyond any doubt, as articulated in the words of the USSC chief, General Keith Dayton. This is what he told Palestinian Authority officials on 24 June 2009: "By the way, the intelligence guys are good. The Israelis like them. They say they are giving as much as they are taking from them – but they are causing some problems for international donors because they are torturing people."

At a meeting in Jericho with David Hale on 17 September 2009, the PLO's chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said, "We have had to kill Palestinians to establish one authority, one gun and the rule of law. We continue to perform our obligations."

Throughout the dark days of human rights abuse, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has been the main target; consistently portrayed as a terrorist organization, no holds have been barred in dealing with its members and supporters. On 25 August 2008, Erekat told a meeting of Palestinian and US security officials that there are "no limits on cooperating on fighting terror". The widespread detention, torture and trial of civilians before military courts have been well-documented by human rights organizations. Between 2007 and 2010 at least 8,640 Palestinians were detained; 95% of them were subject to torture. None of the victims, it must be noted, were involved in terrorist acts against Britain. In fact a Palestinian National Authority document summarizing its obligations under Phase I Road Map for the period from February 1, 2008 to May 14, 2009 confirmed that the PA had arrested approximately 3,700 members of 'armed groups' and summoned around 4,700 individuals for questioning. The document adds that the, 'Palestinian security forces coordinated with Israel in 854 instances of transporting forces and weapons for the purpose of imposing law and order, conducting security campaigns and arresting suspects.'

Apart from the intimate working relationship between the PA and Israel, the Palestine Papers further revealed that as early as 2004 British intelligence officials based in Jerusalem had formulated a security coordination plan which was drawn up in conjunction with Whitehall officials. According to the Guardian this plan was passed by an MI6 officer based in the British Consulate in Jerusalem to the senior PA security official at the time, Jibril Rajoub."

The highlighted sentences pretty much says it all about the US, UK and Israel's cozy relationship with the contorted and distorted "enemy" they have worked with.

And they have done as much to coordinate the demonisation of Hamas as they have clearly done in our recent government and media efforts to spread the demonistaion - with assists from our nation's own torture and rendition men, Mubarak and Suleiman - of the "Muslim Brotherhood" in Egypt.

WikiLeaks cables: Egypt's Omar Suleiman demonised Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's new vice president, Omar Suleiman, has long sought to demonise the opposition Muslim Brotherhood in his contacts with sceptical US officials, leaked diplomatic cables show, raising questions whether he can act as an honest broker in the country's political crisis.

US embassy messages from WikiLeaks's cache of 250,000 state department documents, which Reuters independently reviewed, also report that the former intelligence chief accused the Brotherhood of spawning armed extremists and warned in 2008 that if Iran ever backed the banned Islamist group, Tehran would become "our enemy".

The disclosure came as Suleiman met opposition groups, including the officially banned Brotherhood, to explore ways to end Egypt's political crisis.

At this point we legitimately have to wonder if the leadership in Palestine is calling in these recent air strikes' targets:

Under cover of darkness at 1am, Gaza time, Israel launched 7 air strikes across the Gaza strip, injuring 10 people. Also hit, was  the Al-Qerem Medical Supplies Factory in Jabalya, northern Gaza. The warehouse contained medical supplies, and was totally destroyed by 2 direct hits from missiles fired from US supplied F16 fighter jets.

Just this week, Government officals reported a severe shortage of medical supplies, and due to the siege, they have no chance of re-stocking supplies. This attack will no doubt mean many people will go without life saving treatment as the Al-Qerem factory was the 3rd largest medical supply store in Gaza.

And yes, Palestine calling them in to Israel - I meant that as messed up as it sounds - in order to keep their own people off balance.

That would be the neocon way of dividing and conquering through organized chaos.

Because the powers that be want the chaos and prey upon it for power and profit.

Things ARE that effed up across the entire Middle East right now as their lies and collusion are exposed. The quote from the Palstine Papers bears repeating to make this clear:

'Palestinian security forces coordinated with Israel in 854 instances of transporting forces and weapons for the purpose of imposing law and order, conducting security campaigns and arresting suspects.'

Maybe it is 855 instances, considering the recent air strikes now...

Just saying that we do have to continue to look at everything with fresh eyes as we learn more and always think outside the neocon contrived box.

That Robert Fisk opinion piece was all about the people in Palestine no longer trusting their own leadership because they were exposed for playing the same kind of games the people in Egypt are mad as hell about at their leadership for. Across the Arab world the lies have been exposed and it is all showing to be about keeping people divided, living in fear and fighting, IMHO.

"The Palestine Papers are as damning as the Balfour Declaration. The Palestinian "Authority" – one has to put this word in quotation marks – was prepared, and is prepared to give up the "right of return" of perhaps seven million refugees to what is now Israel for a "state" that may be only 10 per cent (at most) of British mandate Palestine.

And as these dreadful papers are revealed, the Egyptian people are calling for the downfall of President Mubarak, and the Lebanese are appointing a prime minister who will supply the Hezbollah. Rarely has the Arab world seen anything like this.

To start with the Palestine Papers, it is clear that the representatives of the Palestinian people were ready to destroy any hope of the refugees going home.

It will be – and is – an outrage for the Palestinians to learn how their representatives have turned their backs on them. There is no way in which, in the light of the Palestine Papers, these people can believe in their own rights.

They have seen on film and on paper that they will not go back. But across the Arab world – and this does not mean the Muslim world – there is now an understanding of truth that there has not been before.

It is not possible any more, for the people of the Arab world to lie to each other. The lies are finished. The words of their leaders – which are, unfortunately, our own words – have finished. It is we who have led them into this demise. It is we who have told them these lies. And we cannot recreate them any more."

It was and is all about a neoconservative/likudnik bubble going "pop!"

The Palestine Papers are at the epicenter of it in the Arab world  and Wikileaks #cablegate has served to reenforce a lot of this as well.. All about the people in Palestine no longer trusting their own leadership because they were exposed for playing the exact same kind of games the people in Egypt are mad as hell about at their leadership for.

Across the Arab world the lies have been exposed and it is all showing to be about the typical neocon "forever war" tactic of keeping people divided, living in fear and  fighting.

The new report from NYU's Center for International Cooperation is a warning that the escalated military strategy blocks the road to peace while making the Taliban more dangerous.

And, of course, profitting from all of the chaos they create.

Egypt buys rediculous amounts of military equipment from us, not just tear gas, and most of it is bought and paid for with money our government gives them "in Foreign aid".

Egypt is second only to Israel in getting our foreign aid.

If you don't count Afghanistan ($8.9 billion) and Iraq ($7.5 billion) because of the ongoing U.S. military operations, then Israel ($2.4 billion) is indeed the top recipient, followed by Egypt ($1.5 billion).

That's followed by Russia ($1.3 billion), Sudan ($1.2 billion), Tanzania ($1.1 billion), Ethiopia ($1 billion), Pakistan ($963 million), Colombia ($888 million), Jordan ($833 million), and Mozambique ($799 million). We found these ratings in the U.S. Census 2011 Statistical Abstract, which compiled 2008 military and economic aid.

Foreign aid includes things such as money for economic development, agriculture or children's health. In Egypt's case, most of the money in recent years has gone to military aid, particularly heavy equipment such as tanks, helicopters and fighter planes.

Go ahead and search this DSCA notification of impending military sales page for the word Egypt to see what, besides tear gas, WE are bying for THEM..

Everything our government does (and the supposed enemies too, at this point) is clearly suspect in the view of the "little people" around the world.

Look at the banksters swindling the world. In the USA we have given them money to the tune of almost 8 trillion dollars, mostly nearly interest free, already. Money they have simply rolled over back into loans to our government at interest rates that keep them artificially profitable and in control of our world. From Bob Swern, last week:

We're hearing it from some of our country's most senior officials in D.C., and throughout the MSM and the blogosphere, and even right here with regard to some of this community's most prominent diarists. Over the course of the past few months and weeks--and as recently as multiple times over the past 72 hours here at the Big Orange--we're told, somehow, the taxpayer is profiting or that Wall Street has "repaid" or is "projected" to repay our government for the trillions of dollars in government guarantees, backstops, long- and short-term loans, and actual cash disbursements (i.e.: "bailouts") that were made to U.S. banks and mortgage companies since our economy imploded in late Summer 2008.

Very simply, the very notion that taxpayers are making a profit on the Wall Street bailouts is pure unadulterated bulls**t. It simply isn't true. It is a meme fabricated by the status quo and furthered by its minions and true believers, even right here in this community. The concept that taxpayers will ever be repaid for these tithes to our nation's power elite is just as far-fetched.

For a moment, let's forget all about "the government guarantees and backstops," and let's just discuss the cash money that's still out there funding all of those obscene, record-breaking banker bonuses and salary increases right now....

As Wall Street pundit Barry Ritholtz noted, just two months ago:

Pro Publica has been maintaining a list of bailout recipients, updating the amount lent versus what was repaid.

So far, 938 Recipients have had $607,822,512,238 dollars committed to them, with $553,918,968,267 disbursed. Of that $554b disbursed, less than half -- $220,782,546,084 -- has been returned.

Whenever you hear pronunciations of how much money the TARP is making, check back and look at this list. It shows the TARP is deeply underwater.  

I just checked the list, which is regularly updated over at the (Pulitzer Prize-winning) ProPublica website, and as of tonight, Wall Street's $322,144,764,732 (keep the change) in the hole to Main Street as you read this.  If Ritholtz' commentary was written with today's numbers in place of the numbers he posted 60 days ago, it'd read:

So far, 938 Recipients have had $615,944,506,423 dollars committed to them, with $560,459,325,504 disbursed. Of that $560b disbursed, less than half -- $238,314,560,772 -- has been returned.

But, that only begins to scratch the surface of the real story(ies). (You know...the truth? This is a reality-based community, right?)

The list, linked above (and the huge sums on it), does not even include the Federal Reserve's emergency loan programs to Wall Street. ProPublica provides us with a separate Federal Reserve list and accounting for those funds.

Here's more on this from Dean Baker: "TARP Repayment and Legalized Counterfeiting."

Now, about those government guarantees, backstops and stealthier payments...bailouts that aren't even acknowledged as such...

As I've noted in recent diaries, the Wall Street too-big-to-fail ("TBTF") banks, starting with Bank of America, are now receiving more government commitments and backstops, going forward, to bail them out of the mortgage/foreclosure fraud fiasco--another Wall Street creation typifying the status quo's successful, ongoing efforts to privatize their profits while they socialize their losses among the unwashed masses.

Then again, fellow Kossack gjohnsit told us all about "The most expensive bailout of all, and no one is talking about it," last March.

Go read the enitre piece. But be warned:

It just keeps getting worse... Everywhere you look.

You just have to look at Ireland, where the people are getting even more restless as the idea of more bankster looting is being discussed by their government...

Ireland will have to go to the IMF/EU for another €15bn -- on top of the €35bn already earmarked -- to save the banking system, the government-appointed chairman of Anglo Irish Bank warned last night.

In a bombshell revelation, Alan Dukes said we will need 40pc more, or €50bn, to properly clean up the banks.

The former finance minister also sensationally suggested €75bn would be needed to fund the existing NAMA operation and a so-called 'NAMA 2' to take more bad loans from the banks.

His claims sparked a furious rejection from the Department of Finance who said that Central Bank Governor Dr Patrick Honohan had pinpointed a much lower figure.

If Mr Dukes's assessment is true, it would mean taxpayers would have to foot interest on another major loan which would almost inevitably lead to even more stringent Budgets.

And Iceland, where they already decisively kicked the elites behind most of these powerplays in all of the bailout nuts.

The public is angry. Why should the public pay for the bankers mistakes. Iceland blogger Halldor Sigurdsson

Who cleans up the mess when ignorant, greedy bankers rack up massive debt then go broke? The people of Iceland made a strong statement Saturday. The sins of big bankers and government regulators shouldn't fall on the citizens. By a 93% to 2% margin, they voted down a proposal requiring them to cover bad debt incurred by one of the nation’s oldest and largest banks. Covering the debt would have cost Iceland's 317,000 citizens around $17,000 each.

Iceland's national referendum was the first opportunity for the people of any nation to vote directly on who pays when the financial elite fail.

As citizens voted, Iceland's Prime Minister was dismissing the importance of the vote and promising to negotiate a payment scheme obligating citizen subsidies for bad debt created by Iceland's beyond-bad bankers.

Icelanders are struggling with a collapsed economy. Businesses are failing at a startling rate, unemployment is soaring, and the prospects for the future are simply not there. Yet the British and Dutch governments demand that their swindled citizens receive compensation from beleaguered Icelanders. Where were the British and Dutch central banks and politicians while their citizens were being fleeced? Aren't the rulers of these countries aware that the failed Icelandic bank was owned by wealth investors, not the citizens?

It was recognized as a Class War during the build up to the Iceland meltdown, as became pretty clear early on:

It's been a busy week in Iceland. Former Prime Minister and head of the Central Bank, Davið Oddson has finally stepped down. That may sound voluntary - but it wasn't. Parliament (Alþingi) had to pass a new law to remove him from power. He did not go quietly into the night but rather kicking and screaming. Somewhat literally.

There's a wonderful video that really absolutely everyone should watch to better understand what's happened in Iceland. It's creator is Birgitta Jonsdottir, a political activist and poet. She also narrates the short film in English. It's posted on her facebook page and at her blog - The Amazing Adventures of Joy B - just double click the image to launch.


What worries me is the fact there is no emergency plan in Iceland on how to deal with the crisis. There is only the plan on how to get re-elected. We need urgently expert help on how to uproot corruption that is buried so deep that we are ranked among the least corrupt nation in the world, according to international standards.

What a sick joke.

According to her blog post, Birgitta is now the vice president of what she describes as a new political party, referred to as the Hit and Run Party: "its only aim is to get through democratic reforms on our constitution and the electoral legislation. Once we have followed through our mission we will cease to exist as a party. "

At the end of the video she includes a link to a new article by Naomi Klein, All Of Them Must Go.

What you probably don't know yet, or perhaps have not figured out is that Iceland is the United States. You may not like to think it is, but they are the tip of the proverbial Iceberg and we are what lies below the water.

The world needs more Icelandic people to stand up... More Egyptians to stand up.

The entire Western world power structure, our corporate owned government included, must go if we are ever going to solve the real problems they seem to, very likely do, purposely cause both here and globally.

More Shocking Revelations From Bank of England's Mervyn King

In the aftermath of the provably orchestrated and Shock Doctrine delivered Bankster Bailouts comes the inevitable Disaster Capitalism delivered message of "austerity for you". Well? If you understand Shock Doctrine techniques typically used to get what they want:

Bank of England chief Mervyn King: standard of living to plunge at fastest rate since 1920s

Households face the most dramatic squeeze in living standards since the 1920s, the Governor of the Bank of England warned, as he reacted to the shock disclosure that the economy was shrinking again.

Families will see their disposable income eaten up as they “pay the inevitable price” for the financial crisis, Mervyn King warned.


“The squeeze on living standards is the inevitable price to pay for the financial crisis and subsequent rebalancing of the world and UK economies.”

It is inevitable! There was a shocking disaster and everyone has to pay for it!

Well? The plebes have to pay for it.

Coming from the same guy that the Bush State Department - as evidenced by wikileaks #cablegate - was helping to orchestrate the bailout of the banksters 6 months before Bush finally was ready to deliver the scripted announcement of the "unforeseeable market disaster".

But this austerity moment isn't well planned, in advance, Disaster Capitalism and as a result of this latest phase of that orchestrated Shock Doctrine like delivered disaster either, eh?



Bankers Theft of Our Money Planned Well in Advance

Why is our corporatist media silent on this story in the USA?

Just how far in advance? We have yet to figure that out. 6 Months? At the very least. More? Anything to suggest it was years in advance? This is more Wikileaks news from #cablegate searches and brought to light by the Guardian and modified and cross-posted from ePluribus Media for daily kos readers.

Remember how the Bush administration insisted that every bank had to be bailed out "now, Now, NOW!" in this unforeseen "crisis" or else the entire universe would financially implode?

It seems that must have been the prepared script since there was no sudden crisis that came out of nowhere and that the Bankers were plotting their bailouts at least 6 months in advance and the wikileaks #cablegate show this to be true.

Finanacial and social crisis are the levers of chaos they need to keep power and stay profitable. Everywhere.

The more chaos they can create, either on purpose or by accident, the better their chances of implementing their Disaster Capitalism. They will even use natural disasters, like from Katrina in New Orleans or the earthquake in Haiti, to their profitable advantage:

Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert: Stop Them Before They Shock Again

Journalist and author Naomi Klein spoke in New York last night and addressed the crisis in Haiti: "We have to be absolutely clear that this tragedy—which is part natural, part unnatural—must, under no circumstances, be used to, one, further indebt Haiti and, two, to push through unpopular corporatist policies in the interest of our corporations. This is not conspiracy theory. They have done it again and again." [includes rush transcript]

But the thing about Palestine is that it is at the heart of the Arab world's current unrest. And when Fisk is talking about the "we" that got caught orchestrating the lies he is talking about the UK, the USA and Israel (the entire Western power structure, really).

They have all been caught doing what they can to keep peace from coming about and working with their own so called "enemies" and foreign powers and financial institutions both foreign and domestic, to varying degrees depending on the nation oe entity in question in question, in order to do so.

We do legitimately have to wonder about this stuff.

And they have been caught coordinating a financial disaster well in advance of unleashing the repurcussions of it on us all. Just as surely as they stove-piped an illegal invasion down our throats.

I have had zero trust in the US government's foreign policy from the moment Bush set his sights on Iraq. That was just blatant propaganda from the get go. And the people that are in power now? Seem to have no interest in changing any of it. At this point their domestic policy is equally the disaster, as well.

Do I ever wish the wikileaks cables could have included the State Department cables from 9/11 moving forward.

Any bets on how much of the right wing world view - WHETHER WE ARE TALKING ABOUT BAILOUTS OR NEVER-ENDING WARS - would be clearly exposed for the orchestrated sham that it already obviously has been for years?

The Iraq Tragedy

Andrew Sullivan - 09 Jul 2010 12:53 pm

It tells you something about the laws of unintended consequences (something missing from the neocon handbook) that the man they championed as Iraq's "democratic" leader, Nouri al-Maliki, recently went to Beirut to pay his respects to a Hezbollah mullah regarded as a terrorist by the neocon chorus. It also tells you something that the neocon attempt to impose crippling sanctions on Iran is now being undermined by ... large amounts of oil supplies getting to Iran by road via Iraqi Kurdistan.

What has neoconservatism achieved? In Afghanistan, the best possible option is a country dominated by an increasingly Islamist and nuclear-armed Pakistan. In Iraq, the best possible option is a country dominated by Shiites far more aligned with Iran than many Sunni Arab states. And so the upshot of the Bush-Cheney years is an empowerment of both Iran and Pakistan, the two Muslim countries either with or close to nuclear capacity. That is the end result of a policy designed above all to prevent WMDs getting into the hands of terrorists. I mean: you couldn't make this up.

And still they want more war. In fact, they are now angling for American support for Sunni Arab states (and Israel) to launch a war against the Shiite power of Iran. Not content with enmeshing the US in two intractable wars, they actually want America to take sides in the ancient intra-Muslim feud between Shiite and Sunni. Yes, that sounds like something brilliant doesn't it? No unintended consequences could come from diving into that briar patch.

And, remember, nothing in the neoconservative mind exists that can actually take account of flaws in their own thinking. Because neoconservatism is a doctrine, and a doctrine cannot have flaws, just as neocon columnist can never make errors, or account for them.

Clearly, the neoconservative plan, or the elites plan, of chaos is and has always been in play... And creating and preying on chaos, from their successes, failures and even natural disasters, and that they will continue to try and find new ways to exploit it all for power and profit.

And the entire world knows this, now.

This is a world-wide and sometimes violent Class War that they are capitalising on.

But, it seems, only parts of the world have gotten the point that they can actually do something about it.

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On Saturday, private security firm HBGary Federal bragged to the FT that it had discovered who key members of the hacking group Anonymous are. In response, Anonymous hacked HB Gary Federal and got 44,000 of their emails and made them publicly available.

Reeducation of the American electorate, informing us by other than only commercially interested means!

This is a world-wide and sometimes violent Class War that they are capitalising on.

But, it seems, only parts of the world have gotten the point that they can actually do something about it.

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

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