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Michael Collins

Just a few cynics doubted the magnificent procession of then Senator
Barack Obama to the highest office in the land. He was the redemption
of our past sins, the proof that we were a better nation than we had
been. After all, race has been at the center of American politics since
Bacon's Rebellion was crushed in 1667 but we were  moving beyond that.  And we did.   Race was set aside for most of those who voted.

As it turned out, the campaign wasn't about redeeming anything other
than the bill that Wall Street presented to the citizens of the United
States in October, 2008. The financial system was grinding its gears,
about to flame out in a series of big investment bank failures. The
Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson,
told a private session of Congress that absent immediate aid, the
financial calamity would be so devastating that Congress should prepare
for riots by outraged citizens.

The people spoke in unison as they hadn't in decades. No bailout!
Congressional staffers were swamped with a flood of telephone calls,
emails, and faxes. The peoples' will and wisdom was honored and the first bailout proposal was defeated 228 to 205 in the House of Representatives.

Undeterred, The Money Party swung into action.
They hit the offices of reluctant supporters and plied them with
“contributions” (also known as legalized bribes). More importantly,
they put on a show of political unity, something they like to call bipartisanship. Both presidential candidates
showed up in Washington and spoke to their party caucuses. They worked
their magic and the bailout was complete. Wall Street was saved to wage
class war against the citizens once again, at will, with few if any
restraints. The prize -- the biggest wealth transfer in history, the
looting of the Treasury for private firms, and a free hand to pay their
bonuses as they saw fit. It was and is all about them.

Capitalist Tool

President Obama won the election amidst a great hope for change that he'd promised.

What did we get?

Right away, the new president turned the Treasury and economic
policy over to consummate, long-term Wall Street insiders, Tim
Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, and Larry Summers as economic
guru. Geithner "was one of our nation's top regulators"  for Wall Street during the great rip off of the Bush years and Summers
had helped repeal those pesky laws that restrained big banks from
dangerous investments. The foxes were in charge of the hen house. 
There were more bailouts and the Federal Reserve extended $23.7 trillion line of credit for the big banks.

Then, there were the attempts to help citizens with epidemic
foreclosures and usurious credit interest rates. We did get a Credit
Cardholders Bill of Rights but the president and Congress forgot to cap those huge credit card interest rates. Unfortunately for the millions of victims of mortgage fraud,
the president and Congress couldn't quite figure out how to pass a
modest foreclosure relief bill. The sponsor of that legislation threw
up his hands, as the president sat it out, and said, the banks "frankly own the place!"  No kidding.

It didn't stop there. A few months into the era of hope and change,
we found out that the administration was heavily staffed with CitiBank insiders who were doing their best to keep that tottering zombie walking as though it were alive.

All the while, the jobless rate rose month after month until real world unemployment reached 17%. Those official unemployment
figures we get do not  include workers who simply give up looking for
jobs after months of finding nothing. They're unemployed, none the less.

Instead of focusing on jobs, the administration became obsessed with
passing a health reform bill. It was reform, but not for citizen
health. It seems that the health of the insurance companies was a bit
off after years of bad investments and acquisitions. They needed 40
million new customers and a central role
in the new plan.   They got both.  Citizens are now about to get a
Frankenstein health bill that they can't afford. Hard to pay those
premiums if you're out of work, earning flat wages for the past ten years.

Now we're told that domestic programs will be frozen for three years while foreign aid and military expenditures for Obama's new war in Afghanistan won't be touched.

And, to add insult to injury, the president just announced that a big part of NASA will be privatized with the corporations "to0 big to fail" launching our astronauts into space.

We are nothing to them

It doesn't take much to figure that out.

We lose our jobs.  The insiders have theirs forever.

Our wages are flat while Wall Street fat cats get ever increasing bonuses.

We lose our health coverage while Congress, the Judiciary, and the Executive branches enjoy the best insurance around.

Commercial credit for most is tight but the big banks have trillions in credit.

Organized crime would never have been this insensitive. At least,
they realized that they needed customers with a few bucks to place a

We are in the great decline of the ruling elite, addled by
nepotistic inbreeding and cronyism beyond imagination; coddled by the
government that they bought and paid for; and ready to take everything
that isn't nailed down, only to blame the people for having nothing.

Welcome to the new klelptocracy where insiders make the rules
then claim the high ground of intelligence and morality after winning a
game they rigged in the first place.

Once we had a real hope that endured despite the challenges.  It helped produce major changes when we demanded
them. Now, we're left with scraps from the movable feast that is
devouring the nation and we're expected to say, “Thank you sir, may I
have another."


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But, but, he gave such a wonderful SPEECH!

That must be why they hand picked him. He actually makes Americans WANT to bend over for about three hours after they're done hearing him.

Then, as if suddenly splashed with cold water, they remember he's full of empty rhetoric and they feel this emptiness where their dreams of a better America used to be. The last three letters of your diary sum it all up.


And that is why he was selected, without any doubt. Charm them while your bosses loot the Treasury.

It's the END for them, however.  People are beyond Obama's b.s. and, most of them are not bothering to hate or even feel disappointed.  It's the fact, now lets get something else going.  Unlike the Republicans, Obama lacks the irrational 20% who really believe all the superstitions and will stay loyal forever.  His survival, the schemes of his bosses, depend, to some degree, on rationality.  Surprise! 

But, hey, the minority of citizens who watched were conned - I doubt the polls - but so shwat.  He had to reschedule to not piss people off for missing "Lost" (even if it's not true, it should be;)


"Furthest from him is best, whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supreme above his equals." Milton

We are rather a cynical bunch. If we could just invent our own realities...


Or realical cynics. I'm kinda leaning towards realical cynic.

...and nobody will start paying us anytime soon.

"Furthest from him is best, whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supreme above his equals." Milton

and then right afterward I got this nice email from him ... 


Roxy --

I just finished delivering my first State of the Union, and I wanted to send you a quick note.

We face big and difficult challenges. Change on the scale we seek does not come easily. But I will never accept second place for the United States of America.

That is why I called for a robust jobs bill without delay. It's why I proposed a small businesses tax credit, new investments in infrastructure, and pushed for climate legislation to create a clean energy economy.

It's why we're taking on big banks, reforming Wall Street, revitalizing our education system, increasing transparency -- and finishing the job on health insurance reform.

It's why I need your help -- because I am determined to fight to defend the middle class, and special interest lobbyists will go all out to fight us.

Help me show that the American people are ready to join this fight for the middle class -- add your name to a letter to Congress today:


We have finished a difficult year. We have come through a difficult decade. But we don't quit. I don't quit. 

Let's seize this moment -- to start anew, to carry the dream forward, and to strengthen our union once more. 

President Barack Obama

Damn, that's what, a 7% reduction in the unemployed. This is ambitious!

"Furthest from him is best, whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supreme above his equals." Milton

I checked out with the phrase "jobs bill". Having watched every President for the past 40 years use that one in a down economy, I expected much more. If some conservative whacks 'get' that health insurance reform is a cornerstone of the *economic* plan, and that the most efficient means of expanding coverage and lowering costs is expanding Medicare + Medicaid, why can't the President and Congressional majority? (Rhetorical question).

There are definite parallels to be drawn between the 'next big thing' in tech (iPad), and the 'next big thing' in politics being presented on the same day: overhyped, underperforming, entirely too expensive for ordinary folk.

The "iPad" - LOL (literally)

"Furthest from him is best, whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supreme above his equals." Milton

"We lose our health coverage while Congress, the Judiciary, and the Executive branches enjoy the best insurance around."

They may have about the best health insurance available in the USA, but it is not the best insurance around.

Other than that tiny quibble this is one of your best pieces in a while, IMHO. Pretty much captures how everyone but the most ardent Obama supporters feel at the moment. Not including teabagrrrrs in that assessment since most of them don't even care about the real policies and live in a fantasy land where they make shit up or believe anything that is made up for them, for the most part.


Yes, indeed, there are better health programs offshore.

I didn't expect Obama to bring comprehensive change. I did expect some rationality, which is sorely lacking. We're at the three degrees of difference state between the parties, well, within the bipartisan party.

I'd like to say that we're a little far down the road to have people this myopic in charge but, that's entirely expected based on the way the system is set up. Quite efficient, don't you think;)

"Furthest from him is best, whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supreme above his equals." Milton