A Case of Good Cop, Bad Cop

That's what we find ourselves caught in here in America during its greatest internal crisis since the Civil War.

The wealthiest 1% has got America by its balls. And to keep us from realizing it to the point we might have to be labeled "Enemy Combatants" they've been treating us to the old Good Cop, Bad Cop routine that they're used to using on America's minorities and the weakest elsewhere.

You know how the routine works:

Good Cop: You just gotta for vote for (name your conservadem) because, if you don't, we'll lose (name the magic number needed for Dems to control the government) and we won't get(change, reform, oversight, ending our wars, our money back, you name it).

Bad Cop: It gets George Bush nasty everytime these guys take over.

And THAT is how they're holding us in thrall.

THAT is why we've lost Democracy in the United States of America. A simple case of Good Cop, Bad Cop.

The way I see it, they're both pigs either way and I will not diminish the memory of the last of the Kennedys, by voting for either of them. Because, in the end, if we elect Coakey, we'll never get rid of her, but if Brown wins, we will put up with him for a little while, but by the time the next election comes around, we'll have found a candidate whom we really desire, and we'll get that person in there somehow. The old crew, the Kossacks who really believed, proved something to us all. Even the Obamabots know it's true:

Yes, We Can raise enough money to make a difference. We CAN. And we will, even if we're not doing it here anymore.

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