Chamber of Commerce to Re-Award Max Baucus

From comes word that the US Chamber of Commerce thinks Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) deserves their Spirit of Enterprise Award, once again, for voting the Chamber's way at least 70 percent of the time. 

His 75 percent score made the grade for him in 2008 and his Senate website sports a press release and the applause of the biggest lobbyist of all, Tom Donohue (USCC President and CEO), recognizing similar service in 2006

"Max is a leader who has fought for legislation to spur job creation, increase productivity and keep our economy growing," said Thomas J. Donahue, Chamber President and CEO. "We're proud to present him with this award on behalf of America's businesses, both large and small."

The same PR noted that Baucus won the Spirit of Enterprise award several times during his career.

Remember how much the Chamber liked his approach to shaping health care reform in a 'bipartisan' fashion?  Max has been in line with the Chamber for awhile now, wonder how closely that reflects his campaign contribution receipts?

Closely, I bet.


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At this point, the Chamber of Commerce own Washington DC lock stock and barrel. It's sad how many Americans think the Chamber works for their benefit.