CODEPINK Citizen Arrest of Karl Rove in DC

It appears that the offer of a reward for information that would bring Karl Rove to justice has proven to be an inspiration, at least. 

CODEPINK is an organization involved in advocacy of anti-war issues and some of its members confronted the election strategist as he spoke to a lunchtime audience on Tuesday:

On September 14, Karl Rove was speaking in Washington DC at a luncheon for the American College of Cardiology. When Rove started his speech, CODEPINK burst into the luncheon room. With handcuffs raised, they called for a citizen's arrest and read the charges against him.

Earlier in the week, a campaign launched by American Crossroads Watch offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Karl Rove or any principal of American Crossroads for money laundering, election rigging or felony campaign finance violations.

The new campaign has also been praised for its promise to challenge candidates in races that are being supported by Karl Rove and ACS, this cycle, with avoiding the 'dirty tricks' and money of the political operative whose name is almost a synonym.

So, it seems that the midterm election cycle, this year, includes a variety of elements that might get the attentions of voters who would not normally pay attention to races outside presidential election years.

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Rove's responsibility did not end with the Bush presidency.