Commie Pinko Elephants On Zombie Talking Points Parade

Dive in and wade through the insanity that is Sarah Palin... It is worth the laughs.

Via Scarce, a little on the Pinko Elephants:

Via The Maddow Blog, a joke about the Grizzly and the Red Scare.

Sarah Palin's got this eerie new video, "Mama Grizzlies," in which she compares herself to a territorial mother bear. Palin tells us:

"There in Alaska I always think about the mama grizzly bears that rise up on their hind legs when somebody's coming to attack their cubs -- to do something adverse toward their cubs. You thought pit bulls were tough, well, you don't want to mess with the mama grizzlies."

Which sounds great, until you consider an ad from one of Palin's heroes, President Ronald Reagan, who in the 1984 campaign released "The Bear." Quote:

"Some people say the bear is tame. Others say it's vicious and dangerous."

The bear is communism. Awesome.

Via TPM, A good Zombie never dies and always points to how our allies in the GWOT, that's the  Grizzly War on Terra, are part of a communist plot to kill Granny and Pappy:

It was only a year ago that Sarah Palin invented out of whole cloth the concept of "death panels" and accused Congress of inserting them into the health care bill. Though they have been at this point thoroughly debunked as a way for Medicare to pay for doctors to talk patients through their options on end-of-life care before they are at the end of their lives, the concept that the government will decide which seniors should live and which should die apparently continues to hold resonance for easily-frightened elderly people, Fox News viewers and Fox News legal contributor and former Pataki appointee Peter Johnson, Jr.. That's the only explanation for Johnson's resurrection of death panels today in order to attack the new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Donald Berwick.

Berwick, the new Republican whipping boy for health care reform, once expressed admiration for the British system because of its ability to provide universal coverage and improve care. Obviously, that means he plans to use his new position to kill off American's senior citizens.

Grizzly grab yer gun:

Military Expert Sarah Palin Fights to Ensure Tea Parties Support Insane, Bloated War Budget

The defense budget, of course, is so bloated and poorly managed that even some conservatives have stated their support for cuts to DoD. But it’s best if the Teabaggers stick to screaming about the expansion of health coverage. And there are so many less painful ways to lower the deficit — like abruptly cutting the unemployment benefits that millions of jobless Americans depend on.

Plus, you don’t want to make defense contractors  “Mama Grizzlies” mad! That’s bad, according to this ad for whatever political campaign Sarah Palin is planning to launch.

One can only assume her Pinko Bear Commie movement has set it's course towards war with the the very Reagnasque and equally conservattive Obama administration?

by Cenk Uygur 

If you think that's an absurd question, you're not alone. We had this discussion on The Dylan Ratigan Show when I was filling in for him on MSNBC and both of my guests thought it was absurd. A conservative website led with the headline that it was absurd (though they did not present one single fact to back up their claim). Except as it turns out, based on the facts, it is a really hard question to answer. And it would be absurd to claim otherwise.

» article continues...

Stay the course, Sarah. There are still more Reagan free market zombies for you to kill for us. < snickers >

Side Note: Cenk Uygur did a pretty decent job of sitting in for Ratigan.

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