Conservative Quackery: Their "Truth" Is The Lie

James O'Keefe, Joseph Basel, Stan Dai and Robert Flanagan were arrested for their roles in a recent attempt to bug Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's phones on Monday.

From an article in the New York Times:

Federal authorities said two of the men posed as telephone workers wearing hard hats, tool belts and flourescent vests when they walked into the senator's office inside a federal building in New Orleans on Monday. The other two were accused of helping to organize the plan.


All four suspects were charged with entering federal property under false pretenses for the purpose of committing a felony, which carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

This is yet another example of Conservative extremism where it's "ok" to break the laws, provided you don't get caught.

The idea is to sow doubt and dissent about the Democrats -- standard operating fare harkening back through the Atwater school of politics and practiced heartily by such miscreants as Karl Rove, who'd once had the reputation of "master" Republican strategist and dirty trickster. This isn't O'Keefe's first attempt to manufacture a scandal:

Using a hidden camera last year, O'Keefe, posed as a pimp and brought a young woman posing as a prostitute to ACORN offices where staffers appeared to offer illegal tax advice and to support the misuse of public funds and illegal trafficking in children.

O'Keefe's "exposé" of ACORN fell apart rather quickly as it was held up for closer examination, exposing instead the history and habit of 'creative editing' in order to manufacture seemingly damning video. O'Keefe appears to fancy himself a Conservative's answer to Michael Moore, only he's more willing to manufacture situations than to fan the flames of issues that already exist.

TPM posted the affidavit for these loser's Conservative heroe's arrest. (H/T DarkSyde.)

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What Conservatism Isn't

Funny and not too reverent knocking of Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson.

According to this diary, James O'Keefe also collaborated with a young woman on another undercover video one in which the young woman, 20, went to see a counselor at Planned Parenthood, pretended she was 13 and pregnant and wanted an abortion.

Where are these college kids getting the money, training, and the technology for all of this? They must be spending a fortune in travel expenses, hotels, gas, food.

There's something deeply disturbing about all of this. It reminds me a great deal of Jeff Gannon/James Guckert.

It's what luaptifer calls the Atwater school of politics.

Playing dirty is their only plan.

It is pretty clear that O'Keefe works for Andrew Breitbart:

Breitbart conceded that he does pay O'Keefe a "fair salary" and also
mentioned that he pays O'Keefe for "life rights" and can accept or
decline to use what O'Keefe produces. It's not clear, but it sounds
like Breitbart has a right of first refusal on whatever O'Keefe's
produces and in return O'Keefe receives compensation in some form,
perhaps on a monthly basis akin to a salary.

In the interview, Breitbart stopped short
of calling O'Keefe an employee, while also agreeing with Hewitt --
perhaps incongruously -- that whatever O'Keefe was doing in New Orleans
was "not within the scope of his employment."

Is Breitbart's "Big Government" website in BIG trouble too?

It's a very interesting mix and mish-mash of political wanna-be hooligan-tykes.

Nor would I call them tykes. But they clearly are dumb as fuck given the fact that they recorded themselves breaking the law. There is the only real difference between these win-at-all-costs-cons and Rove.

So, O'Keefe is on retainer to produce "investigative" something-or-other?
Is O'Keefe and independent contractor or have a loan-out corporation?
Does he have a production company?
Are the other participants his employees?
Does he pay taxes as a business?
Does he have a business license or permit to conduct business in the state of Louisiana?
Or any of the other states where his "work" took place?
Is he insured?

Tonight, Olbermann took a look at some of the conservative groups that the four are involved in. Where they give they go to give speeches and their "grassroots" training grounds a bit.