Court Vacates Siegelman Charges, As Kagan and DOJ Team Lose

By Andrew Kreig
Huffington Post, June 29

"As a start in redressing the nation's most notorious political prosecution, the Supreme Court today released its decision vacating federal corruption convictions of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman and co-defendant businessman Richard Scrushy

"The court remanded their Alabama convictions to the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta despite arguments last November by Solicitor General Elena Kagan that their convictions should stand." More

And, of course, previously from ePluribus Media, Elena Kagan - Willing Accomplice

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With all of the things that politicians, right and left, could be pointing out during Kagan's confirmation, legitimate things, and instead? We hear BS arguments during hearings about her being "anti-military" or some right wing blogs writing stupid things about her pushing "sharia law".

But both sides seem to prefer bickering over stupid shit in the hopes that nobody will notice or have time to pay attention to the really big problems.