Daily News Digest August 12, 2018

This Week's Headlines: 

Just a few examples from Wine-Banks’s bursting jewelry box: On August 4, she donned a goose pin—because the president’s erstwhile campaign director (now on trial for financial chicanery) Paul Manafort’s goose is cooked; on August 1, she wore a tiny ball of yellow-topped orange yarn (get it?) to signify that Donald Trump is unraveling; on July 29, Pinocchio himself made an appearance, to point out all the fibs told by the president and Rudy Giuliani. (A pants-on-fire brooch on July 27 made the same case.) And this past Monday, she rocked a burst of blue and purple stones, to signify the importance of Democrats and swing voters coming out for last night’s special elections.

The Trump administration reunited some migrant families, but many are still healing from the separation. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Mircy, a woman who fled Guatemala and was reunited with her son.

The good news is they spotted the whale Saturday and said she appeared “active and energetic” — though still emaciated.

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association had loaded live chinook salmon on two boats to feed the three-year-old orca, identified as J50, or Scarlet, on Friday. But they failed to spot her in U.S. waters and were not authorized to feed her in Canadian territory, The Seattle Times reported.

Ige beats Hanabusa and Tulsi wins her primary.