Daily News Digest July 17, 2018

This Week's Headlines: 

President Donald Trump’s extraordinary remarks Monday, siding with Russian President Vladmir Putin’s denials of 2016 campaign meddling over U.S. intelligence agencies’ conclusion, has left U.S. and foreign diplomats worried that the United States will no longer be a reliable partner, will no longer defend other countries and will no longer stand up to its adversaries.

Trump, they say, is clearly out on his own with his controversial views but as president of the United States he could change decades of precedence.

Congressional Republicans have tried mightily to position themselves as close allies of President Donald Trump, and Monday they faced their greatest test of loyalty yet.

And while some key GOP players made it clear they had had enough of Trump’s refusal to side with the U.S. intelligence community over Russian denials about meddling in the 2016 presidential election, it was unclear and unlikely the latest furor would diminish GOP support for major Trump initiatives.

In a court filing on Monday, lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union said there are growing concerns that the Trump administration’s efforts to return more than 2,000 migrant children to their parents by July 26 to comply with a court order could be accompanied by attempts to carry out “mass deportations” once the families are reunited.

Lawyers for the civil rights group referred in their motion to “persistent and increasing rumors — which defendants have refused to deny — that mass deportations may be carried out imminently and immediately upon reunification.”