In Defense of Climate Change Science

As if real science really needs to be defended? Anyways...

GreyHawk posted, over the weekend, some of the most current (and relevant) information we have to weigh the issue of climate change.

But I thought this little bit of communist/socialist tree hugging hippy environmental activism was notable both for its source and reasoning. The Navy is preparing for climate change as a matter of national security:

US Navy preparing for climate change | Politics in the Zeros

The director of the US Navy climate change task force, sees failed states and the Bering Strait being as important as the Straits of Hormuz

The deniers of the real science on this issue, the GOP and their right wing activists that try to pretend they are making a point and are completely disregarding reality? They are endangering the national security of this nation and enabling the worst of the world's ecoterrorists, the corporations that pollute, to continue to hurt the United States of America and the world.

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