Democrats selling ownership rights to the Koch brothers?

I had a rare morning, today, that didn't require two cups of coffer to fire me up for the day.

Instead, NPR provided the spark for my engines when they reported a piece on the status of hiring and focussed on government jobs.   And as has become routine anymore, NPR set the tone of the report with reference to an 'expert' at one of the Koch Brothers' agenda-laundromats, the policy factory of the Cato Institute.

Unfortunately I'm very short for time this morning and I could not devote the energy needed to ferret out the audio report with appropriate excerpts and analysis, for discussion here.  But it's the familiar talking point that government jobs and bureaucrats are unworthy, inefficient, and take what is rightfully due to the corporate person.

On what used to be the other hand, one of our ePluribusMedia friends added some nitro to my caffeine-free fuel mixture, elsewhere, by pointing me to a short piece @ Politico showing that the Kochs will soon hold a vertical political monopoly in this country, from the ground on up.

Not only do they own the 'grassroots' 'tea party' @ Americans for Prosperity, much of the libertarian think tank capacity, most leadership in the national Republican Party and its operatives, many state-level GOP organizations, AND substantial airspace inside the supposed mouthpiece of 'the liberal media' @ NPR. 

Now, the remainder of what constitutes American political opposition, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, has been revealed to be making overtures that offer more interest-conflicting investiture to the Kochs but on the supposed left side of the aisle. 

The response from Koch's representative suggests that even the oligarchs were surprised:


So you can imagine my chagrin when I got a letter from you on June 17 asking us to make five-figure contributions to the DSCC. You followed that up with a voicemail.

It's well past time to overthrow the corporations, don't you think?

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