Did not take much digging on New Hampshire GOP candidate

to come up with possible links to hate groups. H/T to Electablog, and first the backgrounder on his campaign:

Ryan J. Murdough, a 30-year-old who says he works with children with special needs at a youth center, is running for a seat on the State House in New Hampshire's 8th District.

And he's doing it as a Republican.

The self-professed "racist" is also supported by the American Third Position, a hate-spewing organization designed to "represent the political interests of White Americans, because no one else will."

"For far too long white Americans have been told that diversity is something beneficial to their existence," Murdough wrote in a letter to the Concord Monitor.


The Republican party in New Hampshire has made all efforts to distance itself from Murdough.

So far the only sign of distancing themselves I have seen is one statement in that article.

"Mr. Murdough is a despicable racist," party spokesman Ryan Williams told the Union Leader. "His racist views are abhorrent and he is not welcome in the New Hampshire Republican Party."

I suspect there will be more statements of distancing from more New Hampshire GOP spokespeople as this story goes national. Below the fold... A couple of nuggets gleaned from the notoriously racist stormfront website:

Found him in comment threads on stormfront?

Inactive account? I can't check the 2,413 comments, but here is one, and 2 blog posts because I am not a racist jerk that would register with stormfront:

Ryan J. Murdough
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Ryan J. Murdough is a splendid one to behold

Default Re: Why we must vote for McCain / Palin

Originally Posted by Alabamachick

Exactly. I don't understand why this is lost on so many people on here.

  1. Who said that blacks rioting if McCain wins won't be an even bigger wake up call?
  1. People on here act as if we need to act now and rush into the idea of waking enough people up. Their excitement is causing them to be ignorant of the obvious danger ahead. What is the rush? Everyone talks about how bad 8 years of Bush was, but look at it this way.....is the country really all that terrible right now? Just wait and see what it will be like under Obama. It will be a horrific nightmare. Imagine chaos and violence, yet none of you will have guns to protect yourselves. You guys are being foolish and ignorant for thinking Obama becoming president is some how a good thing. It is getting harder for me to respect the people who think this way on here. Thanks a lot in advance for putting my life in danger.

Blacks have been rioting for quite some time now. Trust me, EVERYONE is aware that blacks riot. That's what they do.

Same name... New Hampshire. Any doubts it is the same guy? Not shocked to find him on stormfront... Where he educated himself racially, no doubt as well.

Meanwhile, stormfront did a fundraiser for him 3 days ago.

Moneybomb Today for pro-white Candidate Ryan Murdough

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As for Murdough's job?

He works with kids at a youth center, as noted in the first story, up above. My first thought when I read that part?:

Great place to try to recruit the next generation of hate...

Electablog grabbed a snapshot of his "thoughts" from comment sections of New Hampshire' Concord Monitor. Here are just a few samples:

Reading through some of his comments at the Concord Monitor, we get a better picture of this Neanderthal racist throw-back to a worse era:

The Tea Party at its core is all about race but most of the Tea Partiers do not even realize it. They downplay the race issue every chance they get because they are afraid of being perceived as racist

Every group of people has been a victim at one point in time but no group of people has exploited their victimhood as much as Jews have.

White people need to wake up and realize that they need to preserve their homeland. The United States was not meant to be a melting pot and the more "diverse" the country becomes the worse it will get. Legal non-White immigration hurts our country.

[update] From Think Progress, I am not surprised he hates gays too:

He’s also homophobic, writing that gay parenting is “child abuse” and that “Homosexuals want to get married because they hate Christ.” Murdough acknowledges his stance on race and “Jewish issues” is controversial, but claimed he has DNA evidence to support him.

Murdough is the state chairman of American Third Position (A3P), “a fledgling political party…with the aim of uniting disaffected racists,” the Southern Poverty Law Center reports. Last week, the group proudly announced its “triple-digit donation” (i.e. less than $1,000) to a fund established by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) to defend her state’s draconian new immigration law. (HT: Political Correction)

[update 2] And on another hate site called "white news now"...

Busted link because these hate groups get enough links on their own:


(google search link in thread title below - again... You can give them more traffic... I won't dig in his evil swamp anymore.)

He was - at one time, pretty recently, in fact, and may still be - a "Senior Moderator" on the "white news now" site. A sample comment from a thread titled "Tea Party Folks Yell Ni66er At Georgia's John Lewis":

I read one article where Barney Frank who is a homosexual Jew, was called a "faggot" by several Tea Party protesters. Oh the horror. It has been open season on White people for decades and now we are pissed. Ding ding.

He had several comments in that thread there. And many of them on how they could use the Tea party to move their despicable agenda. And just one look at the profile pic shows that it is the same guy.

ryan j. murdough,racist

Gotta wonder if "white news now" is affiliated with stormfront - or any other racist groups. Given the agendas and the site design similarities, I have little doubt.

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