Donors still anonymous? IRS To Investigate Rove's American Crossroads and Other Corporate Front Groups

By Kevin Zeese
Executive Director of VotersForPeace.US and ProsperityAgenda.US
[posted with permission. Please also see companion note posted here. - luaptifer]

Contributors to These Groups Beware - You May Not Be Anonymous for Long

Conscious Citizens Need to Continue to Push Back Against Concentrated Corporate Power

A big victory yesterday for democracy as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus, called for an investigation of corporate front groups and asked the Internal Revenue Service to conduct a full investigation not only of Karl Rove's American Crossroads but all groups improperly using tax-exempt status to manipulate elections.

Concentrated corporate power is corrupting the first post-Citizens United election, but citizens are responding. Six thousand people wrote Congress as part of our American Crossroads Watch campaign demanding an investigation of Karl Rove's American Crossroads, which is raising tens of millions in secret corporate donations to support big business candidates. Congress heard us and Sen. Baucus responded. Not only did he demand an investigation, he asked the IRS to identify what tax laws have been broken by these secretive organizations. Here is a full copy of his letter to the IRS.

Corporate control of elections affects every issue the dysfunctional government is unable to deal with. This includes cutting the bloated, wasteful and corrupt military budget, putting in place real health care reform rather than protecting the for-profit insurance industry, regulating big finance in ways that really prevent another economic collapse and stop foreclosures, cleaning up the environment as well as creating a new, clean energy economy and creating a new economy that puts peoples necessities before the profits of corporate donors. On all of these critical issues the government has been unable to act because corporate power dominates both political parties.

People who want real change need to build on this initial step and keep the momentum going. More needs to be done to stop the democracy crime of big business hiding their massive anonymous contributions behind front groups to deceive voters. We need to end big business domination of elections and this is only the beginning.

Please keep the pressure on to get the Department of Justice, Federal Elections Commission and the Congress to take action. Citizens need to take action to protect our democracy.

Sign a letter to DOJ urging them to investigate American Crossroads and other groups. Click here to write DOJ.

Send the letter to Congress urging they hold hearings on big business influence of elections and take action to correct the problems. Click here to write Congress.

And, here are other actions you can take to reign in corporate power. Click here to see our other actions.

Big business donors trying to hide behind the illegal anonymity of tax deductible groups being misused as electoral organizations should now be forewarned -- you may not be anonymous for long. These groups are really "political committees" and are likely to be required to disclose the names of their donors like any other political committee. The public will know who you are. So, think twice before giving your money to Karl Rove and other political operative.

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