Elected officials continue to ignore the victims of American "healthcare"

If you have any doubt about that, just ask the people that are actually trying to make a difference:

And since the entitled political class feels no compulsion to come
and bear witness to the fruits of their morally deplorable conduct.
 Here it is for the world to see.

Meet Nicole Lamoureux, the heroine and executive director of the
National Association of Free Health Clinics describing being repeatedl
and serially smacked in the face, with  very invitation her
organization extends to the politicians to see the reality of the lives
of their constituents.

Note: Listen at the end of the tape (which I forgot to turn off),
Nicole's utter disgust and that they are working to find a location to
set up in Washington.

"We extend invitations to all the members of Congress, but they never come"

More below the fold.

Here Dr. Giuseppe Del Priore and Dr. Ralph Frieden describe their
reactions to treating so many patients denied healthcare, and suffering
from illnesses which frequently are easy and cheap to treat, simply due
to the fact that they are uninsured, and healthcare in the United
States is a privilege not a right.

Dr. Del Priore: "Unnecessary suffering, unnecessary anxiety
for the patients, unnecessary illnesses because they're all treatable
and managed in a modern developed world setting where everyone has
access to care, where you can get the simplest, least expensive and
oldest medications . . ."

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