Election Watchdog Group Offers $20,000 Reward

Reward: Calls On All Computer Scientists, IT Specialists And Hackers To Monitor 2010 Election Tabulators For Illegal Manipulations

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Washington, DC -- Today, the election watchdog group ProtectOurElections.org announced a $20,000 reward for any computer scientist, IT specialist or hacker who can provide definitive evidence that vote tabulation results in the 2010 midterm elections were manipulated in such a way that the results changed the legitimate winner running for federal office. The information must result in an arrest and conviction. The announcement is posted on the ProtectOurElections.org website and includes a reward poster.

“Evidence from past elections has pointed to possible tabulation manipulation by Karl Rove and GOP controlled operatives that may have changed the results of elections such as Ohio 2004 and Alabama 2002,” said the group’s attorney and spokesman, Kevin Zeese. “In fact, on election night 2004, the Ohio Secretary of State election servers were inexplicably re-routed to the GOP controlled servers at Smartech in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the results suddenly flipped from John Kerry to George Bush. Bush’s IT guru Mike Connell, who set up that IT network for Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, was later killed in a mysterious plane crash after he was subpoenaed to talk about the matter. And just a few weeks ago, computer scientists hacked into the Washington, DC computer servers, took control of the election results, and watched as hackers from Iran and China tried to manipulate the results. Clearly, it is easy for bad guys to hack into these servers and subvert the will of the people.”

Tipsters have warned ProtectOurElections.org that there will be attempts to manipulate the tabulation results in the upcoming election. The group is particularly concerned with possible manipulations through the Smartech servers because of its strong ties to Karl Rove and other principals in his American Crossroads group, which is spending up to $75 million in secret money to elect Republicans. However, the reward offer covers all election tabulation severs across the country and is non-partisan. ProtectOurElections.org notes that tabulation servers are not supposed to be connected to the Internet and therefore urges computer experts to spread a wide net and monitor election-server traffic in real time to detect hacks, intrusions and improper access.

The tip line for reporting is tips@velvetrevolution.us

Source: ProtectOurElections.org

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