Elizabeth Warren, Economics and Healthcare


A very long, but very good, video of a presentation given by Elizabeth Warren. Try to watch the whole thing for a very informative session.

You can buy her book The Two Income Trap at our Amazon store (just click the title).

Hat-tip Shockwave.

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she makes a lot of sense.

and the power went out. Just watched the end now.

And that was well worth watching. I am amazed at how much the middle class has already collapsed. I am not sure why they title it: "The coming collapse of the middle class: Higher risks, Lower Rewards and the Shrinking social safety net"

All of that is already upon us, as the data shows pretty clearly.

I think we need her in government.

That was a speech from before bankagedon, given in June 2007. That is the date given in the YouTube notes for the video. She (or they, whomever titled it?) got it right, I guess? I still think that data was scary bad without even having seen the mega collapse, yet, at that time.