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Every morning for the past few years I've checked in at this place; enjoyed the variety of views from the posters and been able to watch the ebb and flow of contributors.

But, you know, placed against the founding principles (somewhere on your right) the goals have not been met, and the slow turn into 'dKos Jr.' has finally taken full effect.

Recognizing that no matter how much intervention there might be in the future by the 'editors', this particular mini-juggernaut will continue it's journey into near-total irrelevance. As will HuffPo, TPM, and the raft of others soon to come crashing down from their own weight.

Just sayin'. If it's been all over the front pages elsewhere, don't drag it in here.

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Just curious? Personally, I have tried to keep some variety of sources and material rolling across the pages. And I'll be honest, after reading the whole thing about that facebook group trying to game the rec system at dKos (and clearly succeeding to a certain degree given the pom pom carrying material gracing the list too often) I was thinking of dropping them from my reading list altogether. Or, at least, seriously curtailing my time there.

It's kinda weird out there.

There's this perpetual motion news machine that throws things up in the air that I just shake my head at and wonder - where the heck has everybody been?

For instance - why is it a surprise that foreclosures are increasing - when all you need to do is remember that in 2006 they were giving mortgages to anyone who could fog a mirror. Didn't take much to see that wasn't going to end well.

I was actually thinking about posting a piece on this topic - news that isn't news.