Go Barefoot

Barefootin' is good for the soul.

I'm going barefoot on April 8th. Are you?

One Day Without Shoes
April 8th

We are asking people to go the day, part of the day or even just a few minutes, barefoot, to experience a life without shoes first-hand, and to help spread awareness of the impact a simple pair of shoes can bring to a child's life.

Join us and be entered to win a spot on a TOMS Shoe Drop!

Learn More: http://tools.toms.com/OneDayWithoutShoes-LearnMore
Go to Website: http://tools.toms.com/VisitOneDayWithoutShoesJoin



There's the upcoming chance to not miss the next demonstration event, when FRONTLINE runs "Obama's Deal" next week. 

I can join many who'll continue to go without adequate healthcare coverage through that date.

Thanks for the awareness jar, at least!

until I saw the post. But I have a habit of walking around barefoot in the backyard when I play with my little one so I did not really miss it.

since I miss enough of everything to cover for both of us ;-)

the post up. No worries, I go barefoot enough for both of us. :)