Goodbye to the Liberal Lion: Senator Edward M. Kennedy, 1932 - 2009

Edward M. Kennedy, the "Liberal Lion" of the Senate, died at his home in Hyannis Port last night.

He will be missed.

Kennedy family statement via

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Does anyone know who coined the term "Liberal Lion"?

My family is from Massachusetts, absolutely everyone referred to him as "Teddy" and everyone knew exactly who you were referring to when you said "Teddy". He marched in the local parade on occasion. For what it's worth, there was a persistent whispered rumor that someone else was driving the car the night Mary Jo Kopechne died at Chappaquiddick but that Kennedy used his family name to take the fall.

I'd always been under the impression Kennedy was a centrist so the "Liberal Lion" moniker fascinates me. Personally, I always thought of him as a fighter who understood the struggles of those not born into privilege.

I'm going to miss Kennedy.

poor, the downtrodden will also miss Teddy.

But why must those be "liberal" values? Why is it that all lives are not valued equally?

Perhaps those who are such great self-proclaimers as protectors of "family values" -- the same who beat their chests to announce their patriotism and loyalty to both god and country, while they stand and march against the very Christian values they claim to support -- would be better suited to provide an explanation.

My personal take is that there's a huge cache of hypocritical, arrogant misogynists who are too self-centered and stupid to realize that they're hurting us all -- including themselves -- by their self-serving behaviors.

Was responsible for "No Child Left Behind"

The contributions of Edward Kennedy to the American nation are immeasurable. Conversely, no one denies that Chappaquiddick was a truly horrible incident. When people refer to Chippaquiddick – for those too young to remember or just don't recall it – they refer to what is known as the Chippaquiddick Incident, or perhaps they should have called it Chippaquiddick Gate. Kennedy survived, but Mary Jo did not, and the grim specter of the incident hung over his career for decades, and may have prevented him from reaching the presidency. Many people would have given a cash advance to say the least to bury the memory of Chippaquiddick.