Government of Canada's H1N1 Plan - Send Body Bags

Ran across this on YouTube (via another forum) and thought I would put it out there for discussion.

Are body bags an appropriate item for government health officials to send to communities as part of a PPP (Pandemic Preparedness Plan)?

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That just comes off so wrong...

It certainly sounds outrageous!


Outrageous to say the least ... [sigh] ... here we go with death panels again, only this is in Canada. Yikes!

Did ya see that they would not send anitbacterials as is contains alcohol ... that kind of thinking is enough to drive ME to drink.

send this kind of "preparedness" to other non-Native American communities. Definitely beyond simply being culturally insensitive if they only sent them to Native Americans.

trying to assess whether it's part a pattern or possibly missing the context that other communities also received them.

I don't know the answer, just trying to understand the larger reality.

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is that in this story the Canadian media actually asks the question themselves. I hope they do follow up and report on it.

I don't think most American media would even think to ask a question like that.