Greg Girard - Typical Tea Party Whackjobbery OR More Dangerous?

Times Tough All Over

The ATF busted the home
of Massachusetts technology consultant Gregory Girard after they were
tipped to the fact that he was stockpiling guns, explosives, military
camouflage clothing, knives, handcuffs, bulletproof vests and helmets,
night vision goggles, medicine, and six months' worth of food supplies.
According to police, Girard feared the imminent imposition of martial
law and was preparing for "Armageddon."

--Josh Marshall

I did a quick search on "Gregory Girard from Manchester" and came up with these comments by a Greg Girard with a profile phone number that matches his work number at a site called "Patriots For America", which seems to be a pretty kooky mix of Tea Party nuttiness and insanity babble:

Here in some of comments he mentions Scott Brown, Sarah Palin, and a lot of typical whackjoberry - we are talking gun lovin' birther Christian climate change denying type stuff - and all  emph. mine:


Greg Girard commented on Jerry's blog post '2nd Amendment'

 Federal efforts to take away guns during emergencies were outlowed
after the Katrina incident. And at all times, the Constitution would
prohibit such a thing. So, one can know that any such effort is against
the Constitution and against specific laws regarding states of
emergency, and thus the effort, if it involved breaking into your home,
would be no different than any felonious breaking and entry by one or
more armed assailants. The Castle law in one's state, or simply the
common law of the right to self defense, would ensure that close range
discharge of double-ought buck from a 12 ga at the assailant's face
(from behind cover!), would be a perfectly legal defense
in response to
an attack of armed assailants tearing the door from your home and
threatening with deadly force, in the form of loaded rifles pointed in
your direction. The hard part is not preventing the confiscation, but
surviving the murderous rampage of the state and Federal gangsta's that
would almost certainly be very enthusiastic about gunning the defending
homeowner down.


This whole comment might be worth reading to get a feel for his line of "thinking":

Greg Girard commented on Lee Johnson's blog post 'Get
This! Abbreviating Our States AZ, WA, CA instead of Ariz,Wash, Calif
means we are acccepting being a Federal state rather than a Sovereign

 Those so-called "War Powers" acts, which include "continuity of gov't"
plans and the like, generally enable lethal force and indefinite
detainment to be used against American citizens for reasons so broad as
to unlimited in any practical sense. In reality, these ghastly, illegal
"laws" and Executive Orders illegally claim to suspend the
Constitution, create a dictatorship, and make it legal for that
dictator to activate plans that would be essentially the same as the
efforts by Hitler, Stalin, or Mao did; specifically, gov't troops and
police would freely be able to use lethal force against anyone for just
about any reason, and entire sectors of the population could be subject
to mass murder or indefinate detention, for just about any reason.
Recent updates by Home Security have expanding the definition of
"potential terrorist" (which is sufficient to be the victim of lethal
force or indefinite detetion) to include approximately 2/3 of the U.S.
population. All U.S. army veterans, for example, are "potential
terrorists." The entire body of these War Powers and "continuity of
gov't" plans render our concept of a Constitutional Republic to be
little more than thin veil of civility and justice layered over a
monsterous, diabolic dictatorship that would break out of political
cage but for Americans vigorously exercising their 2nd Amendment
rights. Nearly every presidential administration in the 20th century
and forward a reason to strengthen this inhuman, murderous, and
totalitarian monster, particularly with respect to the increasing the
numerous means by which it may be unleashed on a previously
unsuspecting public. In times past, only a state of war or the
occurance of a great disaster related to war, that might enable
military and police forces to lay seige to our country. However, we
have been in a state of war and state of emergency of some time for
decades uninterupted, causing us unwittingly live on the very razor
edge between between civil gov't and an apocolyptic destruction of our
society, our liberties, and many of our lives. Most recently, the list
of reasons to releas the monster has grown to include various
"terrorist" threats and acts, and various conditions involving
infectious disease. The concept of "terrorist threat or acts" has been
greatly expanded as a consequence of defining 2/3 of the public as
"potential terrorists." As it stands today at start of 2010, there is
never a time that our gov't would find itself without some excuse, no
matter how perverse, as the justification for unleashing their
murderous " War Powers" monster upon the public, in an attempt to
subject us to tyranny.

I've been critical of those fretting about UN treaties that are
extremely unlikely to be adopted, for many reasons, and of fears
regarding the one-in-a-million chance of the encountering antagonistic
interference at voting booths in Massachusetts. The "War Powers" acts
and the realated "continuity of gov't" acts and Executive Orders are a
clear and present threat to the very existence of our Republic. They
are all criminal in natural and obscene in the degree to which they
desecrate the authority of our Constitution. The very idea that a
single act of Congress could could instantly dissolve or suspend our
centuries old Constitution, and the Republic for which it stands, would
be laughable if the manifest stupidity, Constitutional ignorance,
audacity and collective arrogance of our Federal gov't had not long
since reached the point where it seems entirely capable of at least
attempting such a treason program of making war on all or part of the
American people, if they perceived it to their advantage.

As a sidebar, I believe that the ONLY ----- ONLY ------ potential
presidental candidate I have seen with the sheer force of will and
God-insprined rightous determination to bringdown this "War Powers"
evil is Sarah Palin.
I respect a great many conservatives, and many
with great courage in battle or in certain political venues. I highly
doubt any have the stomach for political morass and firestorm that
result for an effort dismantle a 50 year legacy of Executive Orders and
legislation that have spawned thiis murderous monster of tyranny
discussed above.

Since first became aware she existed, I observed carefully and came to
admire her remarkable person resolve in a range of life situations,
including the political arena. I noted an outspoken willing to proclaim
and live by her Christian moral beliefs despite more than a few
opportunities to set them aside. Later a came to see her straight-line,
logically consistent conservative thinking and then later learned of
fearless efforts to route out and destroy corruption in her state,
which occurred (unfortunately) greatly at her own expense. Finally, the
woman has oodles of charm and excellent sense of humor while
retainining seriousness of purpose.

To me, these characterist were most admirable, and could only with so
measure up to some of them over my life time. However, I was
unimpressed with her historical and political knowlege, both in terms
of backgroun information and current events. I felt the high office of
president demanded a level of intellectual sophiscation that can only
come from diligence in degree work, such as at a university, or
preferably, a passional effort at self-education through extensive
reading, study, and writing on a subject. More to the point, her
general knowlege of the gov't structure, important court decisions, and
the technical aspects of legislation needed some work. Finally, her
formal grasp of economics was weak at best.

Since that time over year ago, she has addressed many of the issues
above that would give me pause to support her president. Although I
believe it would take closer to a decade to learn,aborb, and fully
understand the major systems of governement, politics, economics, and
American History, recent speaking engagements, talk show appearances,
and her policy discussions with various individuals make it clear she
has come far towards leaning the language of politics, as would be
required of an executive leader -- certainly enough effectively
communicate with world leaders and with expert advisors.

This more sophisticated Sarah Palin has not left behind the magical
combination of charisma, a remarkable reserve of personal strength and
committment, and her righteous "mission from God" drive return this
country to its convservative, Constitutional foundation. The very
existance of this "War Powers" and "contintutity of gov't" plans are
some of the major impediments to restoring our Republic to
Constitutional supremecy, and therefore I believe that if she were made
fully aware of this menace ot libery and justice, she would do to it
what she did to the corrupt politicians she routed out and had removed
in Alasksa.

, fearless advocacy for justice (often at her own expense), and boatloads of personal charm that


Greg Girard replied to USPatriot's discussion 'HOORAY!!!! It's OVER! We Can ALL Go Back To Our Regular Lives!!!'

 Gee, if we could keep things in our optimized economy exactly as they
are, we'll see fantastic growth over time that will solve a world of

On the other hand, Senator Scott Brown looks like he's already a
turncoat. Recent statements by him (yesterday) express his desire reign
in a new error of "bipartisanship" and to reach out to the Dems on some
of the better ideas in the socialized medicine plan.

WHAT is he talking about? Did he bump his head? Is it me, or did we
send that guy to Washingto D. C. specifically to stop the Marxist
wrecking ball, not to make nice with it?

He was also blathering on
about his intention to avoid "business as usual," these statements
apparently motivated by some woefully naive notion that the Dems are
going to somehow change their ways for him. I hope he shakes off this
feel-good, "let's be pals" rhetoric and makes ready for political
warfare. Otherwise, the lefties are going to squash him like a bug, and
enjoy doing it. They could not care less about reaching across the
except to grab an opponent by the throat the throttle him.


Greg Girard replied to Uvin A. Clough JR., TSGT, USAF, RET.'s discussion 'A "Brown Shirt Army" by any other name is still a "Brown Shirt Army" ! ! !'

 Just days ago, certains posts were squealing with near hysterical fear
of the "terrorism" and violence that lied in waiting at Massachusetts
polls. As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, the claims were worse
than merely exaggerated or inflated; they were misguided and fabricated
out of thin air. Fear of violence at the polls has never been an issue
in 350+ years of Massachusetts democracy. What ever minor issues the
author may have found to have occurred in Massachusetts, I asked around
and no one here in Mass had ever heard of such a thing. It was painful
to listen to this girlish squealing on a sight that is committed to the
noble and courageous objective of restoring our Constitutional Republic.

I have studied the "National Security Force," which is Obama's name for
the secret police force he is creating. I have read the new law that
gives them the right to operate as an extension of the DoD, carrying
firearms, and executing search warrants, executing arrest warrants, and
the like. Needless to say, it's a secret police force of some kind, and
it appears likely to be created from inner city youths. These
"volunteers" are paid a salary as well. So we have 350,000 young toughs
doing whatever their vague mission is. FDR created a similiar force of
well over 100,000 thugs at a time when the population was much smaller,
and no where near as well armed.

Is there a way for posts like this to refrain from squealing like a
frightened little girl when a challenge is discussed? As if absorbing
the sinister and menacing information were not enough punishment, we
also must endure a conclusion that tosses all hope and self-confidence
to the wind, and instead cries out for aid as if the end is near. This
sitution is NOT the end of the world, and it is incorrect to
characterize it in a demoralizing, defeatist, and very unrealistic way.
If all 350,000 thugs went to the New York City metro area, they would
be outnumbered 50 to 1. And if they were sent around the U.S., they
would be outnumbered by significantly more than 1000 to 1, and about by
about 500 to 1 if we want to count only gun owners.

If they are attacking people, invading homes, or otherwise terrorizing
any community, they will have signed their death warrants. Desperate to
defend home, property, and our way of life, communities accross the
country will declare it to be open season on these thugs, and a eighty
to one hundred million weapons will annilate them and any others with
them no matter where they go. There will be millions of ambushes across
the highway system, and any place they attempt to stay for the evening
will be subject to any one of a thousand different types of murderous
traps, contrivances, and deceptions.

The gov't can make all the diabolical plans it wants to terrorize
citizens, and no doubt the gov't will succeed in some towns initially.
But once the surprise is gone, Americans will be motivated by this
desperate struggle to defend home and loved ones; to that end, they
will exploit the fact that they are well armed, and stocked with ammo,
and then apply their ingenuity to the task of pursuing a truly brutal
and horrific defensive program that puts and end to the reigh of
terror. We would not throw up our hands, and squeal in fear, but
instead we might put our heads down to plan, practice, and push ahead
with all we have. And some of might take a moment to thank the Lord for
blessing us with the courage and resolve to steadfastly protect those
we love, and to ultimately fight to restore our Constitution.



2 comments from this post:

Greg Girard commented on Lee Johnson's blog post 'Fwd: A Supreme Act Of Judical Treason Against The People Of The United States, And What We Can And Must Do About It.'

 Lee, that whole issue mystifies me as to why more has not to be done.

However, I suspect there is some order of operations at work, wherein
it is first incumbent upon the House or Senate to find that he his not
qualified, and then he responds by suing for relief. I just made that
scenario up, but in general I believe there must be some dispute on
which the court must decide one way or the other.

As of yet, I'm not aware of Congress having taken the eligability issue
up and finding against the president's qualifications. So, with that
reality in mind, I ask this: how does file a complaint to the Supreme
Court with no plaintiff and no defendent?

Thus, the so-called act of treason would belong to those charged with
making the determination of eligability. That is not me. It's not you.
I believe it is our representives. And with a single party system --
for all intents and most purposes -- there seems to be no motivation to
challenge eligability.
The president could have been born in Cuba and
lived there until last year, been 25 years old, and hardly spoken
English, and no majority vote of Congress would challeng his eligablity.

By now, we should all find it shocking if the House and Senate were
able discern what's in the Constitution, let alone comply with its
mandates. I think we can just toss this issue onto the giant heap of
ongoing Congressional affronts to our Constitution, and to the nation
as a whole. Personally, the treasonous acts are so numerous and
repeated over so many years, that treason has become a cherished
tradition of lawmakers at the federal, state and local levels.
Personally, if I were the Attorney General, I would have warrants
prepared and executed for the arrest of most every member of Congress.
Naturally, most would be convicted and hung publically -- actually
hung, by the neck from a traditional gallows in public.
A few
legislators would mangage conviction only on lesser crimes, and perhaps
one or two would be deemed to have served honorably. The remainder are
among the most arrogant, unintelligent, and openly defiant (to the law)
scum that have violated their oaths of office, and broken the law
perhaps thousands of times in some cases. If these criminals were in
the private sector, and forced live according to the laws they make,
they nearly all would have been arrested and imprisoned.

As I write this, I am noting nearby an article describing Republicans
still working to draft a cap and trade bill to further destroy what
remains of our economy in order to continue chasing an ecological
climagte change hoax that has been debunked completely for at least 4-5
years, and even more blantely debunked as a complet fabrication of a
cabel of lefist extremist scientiscs years ago, and then expanded over
time. Despite this issue being dead on arrival, these representitives
continue to wallow in political correct ideaology an incessant need to
suck up to leftist exremistist activist, which includes most of the
Democrats in Congress. How can they be so stupid, spineless, impervious
to commonly known facts, anti-scientific, economically wreckless,
legally irresonsible, gullible, and generally overtly destructive to
the country? Why are they even there? I just want them all to just
STOP. If they don't just STOP legislating soon, the gov't as a whole
will likely end up with a country in such economic desperation and
social chaos that the "law of the jungle" will be the only one of their
millions of contradictory laws that is actually followed. And I offer
this comment as a literal statement, free of exaggeration.
One need
only extend current trends for another 12-24 months and once great
nation may very much on its way to the carnage and ruins in places like


Corporations are treated as individuals, which is the means by which
those starting and running business receive financial and legal
protections under the law, and thus need not risk personal legal and
financial exposure while starting or transacting business. I do not
know enough about corporate law to make case as to the extent to which
corporatations are treated under the law; but it seems as if this
ruling extended the limit on what corporations may give to political

I struggle with forming a hard and fast opinion on whether expanding
corporate political contribution limits does more to increase freedom
of speech than it does to somehow limit our rights, or be viewed as
treason. Accusations of treason seem to be the default action
responsive to so many issues, even as obtuse as this issue, that one is
left without means to label a truly egregious attack on basic
liberties, justice or life itself.

In the case above, I suspect the ultimate charge of treason, and other
charges of malfeasance on the part of the U.S. Supreme Court, are based
on the assumption that more political money flowing in from large
corporations and unions will surely slant our political process in
their direction. And since the larger donors all tend to be on the
left, it will theorectically put the election of our leaders in the
hands of those large entities.

As all know, our opinions are no better than the assumptions upon which
those opinions rely. As I understand it, after a certain point, the
relationship between funding and wining breaks down, and even tends to
become inverse. All the while that Democrats have been slamming
Republicans in the polls, the Republicans have raised far more money.
In fact, a huge flow of dollars from unions and large corporations
could comprise a long term critical advantage for Democratic foes,
wherein those opposing Democrats could highlight the top-heavy
contribution base on left, and thereby prove that those on the left are
NOT like the voting public, and support the Democrats because the
Democrats favor policies and practices that will ultimately sacrefice
the overall wellbing of the public in order to cater the job-killing
unions and exploitive large corporations that have zero allegiance to
the America, but only to what economic benefit can scraped off and
sucked up before they relocate facilities offshore.

So, maybe I've got it all wrong. And if I do, I would hope to be better
informed by someone who might be able to help me. Others, it seems that
treason is a rather forceful indictment of a decision whose
consequences may strength our freedom of speech, and do little tilt the
political playing field in any discernable direction

Here is some more samplings of his comments and a profile telephone number that matches tthe work number of the "Girard" is in question:

clip is ancient history that is entirely irrelevent to the subject of
climate change in 2010. Since this "law suit" issue was raised, the
whole climate change hoax has been roundly and publicly debunked along
a number of fronts. Today, mostly o…

January 23

suspect it won't keep indefinately. In any case, when considered within
the context of our economic and social worries, I just can't find
anything diabolical about sending food aid abroad. It's been going on
for 100 years, and is drop in the bucke…

January 23

seen all the YouTube videos on this subject, and I do not dismiss the
notion of leftist thugs. But I feel strongly this issue is being
obscenely overblown here. Terrorism is a word that, when tossed around
lightly, dilutes its meaning. Terroris…

January 18

thought this was very funny because it had such realism, but of course
the words were getting sillier and more outragous the further it went.
Most folks should have been tipped off it was a spoof when the guy
started talking about flesh-eating som…

January 17

order to challenge this, there will be have some enforcement action of
some kind that infringes one's rights to free speech, or some other
civil right. Otherwise, the protester has no standing other than a
"concerned citizen" (which Obama and his…

January 17

you recall, Palin had no trouble ripping Obama a few new ones during
the debate and divers other speaking occassions. I remember clearly
because I so badly wanted to toss McCain in the political chipper and
replace him with Romney, and leave Pali…

January 14

term limit that allows more than a single term will accomplish
absolutely nothing except to compress the time they have to work deals
and policy that will ensure self-enrichment and re-election. Basically,
as long as there is ANY CHANCE of re-el…

January 13

trying to figure out the link to Obama's "National Security Force." If
you think that's bad, a bill just passed through the house that allows
for civilians with some minimal training to be incorporated as Dept. of
Defense police of some sort, wh…

January 12

(a.k.a. radical liberals, progressives) have been vigorously pursuing a
transformation of this country to a totalitarian communist state for
about 100 years or so. For much of the early 20th century, leftist
idealogy was so popular in the c…

January 12

you so much for writing this essay. There seems to be tsunami of
perverse views among Christians, wherein the plain language and truth
of the Bible is adapted to some kind of liberal, pacifistic,
politicially correct philosophy that calls for…

January 9

Profile Information

Telephone Area Code only


Girard is a complete kook by most standards (even right wing one's), a conspirascist, Palinite, birther, etc., but I am not an expert in the needed fields to decide if he is likely to be a violent kook or not?

What do you all think?

The google image result I used to find his profile his profile:,%2Bmanchester%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rlz%3D1R1GGGL_en___US330%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1&ei=gol0S_SoBcWZ8AaH3dWmCg


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