Hartford: 1000 people show up for free healthcare clinic

I was watching Countdown last night and Keith Olbermann had said
that 1000 people got free healthcare at the clinic in Hartford. Most of
them had not had access to a Doctor in years. Whether it was the
unemployed, the underemployed, the working poor.
The common thread
among them all is that access to medical professionals is beyond their
financial  reach because of our completely broken healthcare insurance
for profit. MSNBC's Ed Schultz broadcast from there yesterday, their
network had organized the fund raising for this effort, and he had some
harsh words for the politicians that are ignoring these people that are
in dire straights.

Lives were saved because of this.

American people that had been guilty of nothing more than slipping
through the gaping cracks in our winner takes all "social safety nets",
ever weakened safety nets because of an unbalanced "free market run
amok" rigged to keep the poor in a permanent stasis of desperation, got
much needed treatment they will never receive, ever again, if we don't
fix things properly.

ctblogger has more video from this at My Left Nutmeg:

From the Keith Olbermann sponsored free clinic today
in Hartford. Rep. Joe Courtney made a brief appearance on The Ed Show,
while his wife Audrey (a nurse) attended the event. I'm told Ned Lamont
also attended.

I don't know what they are doing in Washington.

I know that there aren't any house members here and there aren't any
senators here. And I can tell you one piece of information here in
Connecticut, the house and the senate passed Universal care for
everyone and the governor vetoed it. The public option in this state
polls overwhelmingly well, but in Washington, Joe Lieberman, not only
is he not here tonite, but he's against the public option.

7:17 minutes:  I could look Joe Lieberman in the eye, and Senator, I don't care if it costs me my job, I don't care, you are a coward.  

Lieberman is not the only one, Ed.

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