Have PR people taken over DKos?

My wife posted her first diary today over at DKos entitled You Might Be A Wingnut If and when I read it, a couple of things stuck out to me. The first was an exchange she quoted at the end of her diary:

Kossacks certainly have been
...extremely independent but recently I think I have detected a change of tone at this blog. Some diarists and commenters seem to be promoting Party and Administration policy, not so much analytically agreeing with them, as shilling for them. I've seen people who disagree with an approved position called Nader-ites or worse, Clintonistas, simply for saying that an approved policy doesn not seem well advised.

What is going on here? Or am I imagining things!

by arcadesproject on Fri Nov 27, 2009 at 03:12:26 PM PST

No, you're not imagining things.

by slinkerwink on Fri Nov 27, 2009 at 03:13:17 PM PST

The second thing was something she dredged up in the comment section:

a sock puppet, shill, or a troll -- Web slang for bloggers who pretend to be grass-roots political commentators but instead are paid public relations agents.

The author of the pro-McCain articles on Redstate.com, Erickson determined after a Google search, was a Michigan political operative whose firm worked for McCain's political action committee.

With big corporations now hiring public relations firms to pay fake bloggers to plant favorable opinions of the businesses online, many political bloggers are concerned that candidates, too, will hire people to pretend to be grass-roots citizens expressing views.

And I have to wonder just how many people who post and rec at the Daily Kos really aren't what they seem to be? During the primaries, on the DKos, you couldn't post one negative thing about him or else you'd get flamed into oblivion. It was really ugly and drove many progressives away from the place during the primaries.

Now it's really gotten absurd over there, as my wife so snarkily pointed out. I've read comments where people have complained that someone harrassing them was stalking them on the website 24/7 and to be online every single time they happened to post something would imply they either had no life, were independently wealthy or were getting paid to be there.

Given the rah-rah Obama crowd and how DailyKos has become a spindoctor clinic on defending Obama (there latest spin is the "loose nukes" argument supporting escalation in Afghanistan) one has to wonder if Karl Rove wasn't just applauding Obama for the escalation, but if he didn't have a squad of PR men at Daily Kos making sure the Mighty Wurlitzer was blaring away.

DKos has become the most anti-progressive website the left has to offer. You go there and you feel like you're dealing with wingnuts.

Perhaps they are. Paid wingnuts.

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some of the Bloggers you might be talking about... But I just use my common sense and avoid the diaries and comments adorned with nothing but campaign material. It is a very rare occasion, when it is so blatantly counter productive to the left, that I will bother to comment just to tell them how particularly divisive the material and comments they produce can be.