Healthcare Reform Hits a Reconciliation Snag.

29 insane and obstructionist amendments shot down by the Dems but the Republicans did manage to Byrd-rule it back to the House. The sections of the bill that need to be cut are on student loans and Pell grants:

Senate Republicans have successfully identified two minor violations of reconciliation rules in the final piece of the health-care package. The violations will force the Senate to change the reconciliation bill and ship it to the House of Representatives for final passage.

But Democratic leaders said the provisions that will be struck -- from the part of the bill dealing with Pell Grants for college students -- do not significantly affect the student loan program or the health care bill overall.

The corrected legislation most likely will not be subjected to additional challenges when it is sent back to the House, Democratic staffers said, and is expected to receive final approval before the weekend.


A senior Democratic aide said one of the problematic items is a "hold-harmless provision," which was designed to prevent reductions in individual student grants if appropriated funds for Pell Grants declines. The second adjustment was described as "a conforming change, to strike obsolete language."

2 clauses were struck, one of them a result of obsolete language, and essentially the entirety of the bill remains intact. Final vote in the Senate is scheduled for around 2:00 PM today. Then back to the House where I do not see anything delaying it any further.

Wham-Bam! Thank you Madame Speaker. This will be done and all that is left is procedure.

Now... About that Public Option that is more popular than any of you politicians and that the Democratic Party campaigned on last election? You really don't want to leave about 60% of American voters of all political stripes thinking you lied with your Public Option campaign promises when the next elections are right around the corner.

H/T Susie Madrak at Crooks and Liars.


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