Healthcare Reform - Signed, Sealed, Delivered...


Chomsky: Health bill sustains the system’s core ills

In an interview with Raw Story, world-renowned scholar and political critic Noam Chomsky reluctantly called the bill a mildly positive step, but cautioned that it wouldn’t fix the fundamental problems with the nation's troubled system...

A sober and worthwhile interview with Michael Moore on passage of the bill, at Democracy Now!

Pretty much sums it up. IMHO, it is all just a 10 or 15 year patch (starting from today even if most if it kicks in down the road) and some of the problems may get even worse while we wait for things to kick in.

There's quite intense dissatisfaction with some of the stuff that went down to make HCR happen, this way.

The White House deals that preempted the PO (not even considering SP) made lot of angry progressives, enough that my understanding of Hamsher's deal with the devil, almost wants to sanction the co-signed letter with Norquist.

But I sure hope that the existing momentum is not allowed to diffuse into "the historic moment."  That's what the corporates would be so happy to see, 'we're done, next job please!'.

to a lot of people, this whole deal will pale in a historical context when compared to the deal that actually fixes all of the problems with healthcare. This is is a big deal but it is no New Deal.