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I wrote a bit about the healthcare reform starting to be implemented earlier this week and mentioned that the government website would be going live very soon. Think Progress dives in and gets some info up on which has gone live now:

The Department of Heath and Human Services unveiled its long awaited web portal this morning, The snazzy website allows consumers to comparison shop between different coverage options, including private insurance plans, high risk pools, CHIP and Medicaid. “For the first time ever in the history of this country, American consumers can see all their health care options in one place,” Kathleen Sebelius said a press conference this afternoon. The site has information on over 1,000 private insurance carriers from the private market place and supports over 3 billion potential personal scenarios.

And as Chief Technology Officer Todd Park demonstrates, it’s also very friendly:

By October 2010 the site will offer price estimates of different plans, medical-loss ratio information (percentage of your premium spent on administrative costs) and new details about prevention and care quality.

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Go ahead and give the new site a poke and a shove... Almost everyone will need to sift through it sooner or later. You may as well get used to it now.

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