How to kick yourself from the left and the right on immigration policy

From the Rachel Maddow show, Chris Hayes notes an odd contrast in immigration policies that is sure to piss off the left, right and even the middle. From the Maddow Blog:

President Obama is expected to deport 10 percent more people this year than President Bush deported in 2008. At the same time, the Obama administration has taken on Arizona's "Papers, please" anti-immigration measure. The federal government won a temporary injunction Wednesday against parts of the law that critics say would lead to racial profiling.

Whatever you make of the justice and fairness in this issue, there's a political calculation at work. Just months ago, the president's approval rating among Latinos was coming in at 79 percent. It's now down to 55 percent.

Video from The Rachel Maddow Show, with Chris Hayes sitting in for Maddow, below the fold.

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Nate Silver explains some of the potential problems with this. I just can not, for the life of me, see any real strategy here. Not good strategy, at least. Unless the plan was to do the electoral equivalent of beating himself over the head with sledgehammer in both hands?

As Maddow would say: "Someone talk me down?" But I am not sure that anybody sane could do that.

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