Hundreds of miles of Boom not deployed correctly...

And thousands of good men and women in the military that are sitting idle when they, with a little training, could be deployed to take care of that Boom properly.

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There are a lot of things where I would just roll my eyes when both sides play political games. But this game that Jindal is playing is resulting in the physical destruction of part of the United States of America. Same can be said for any of the states that are holding back on using these soldiers that can and should be doing something very useful in this disaster. Because if you are doing this because you don't want the government to be seen doing the kind of things that it can and should do...

Then the government isn't broken in this case but you, Gov. Jindal,  are clearly busted:

It turns out Jindal's response was a lie.

But Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the national incident commander in charge of the government's response to the spill, said Jindal is just flat wrong.

"There is nothing standing in the governor's way from utilizing more National Guard troops," Allen said.

In fact, the Coast Guard says every request to use the National Guard has been approved, usually within a day. Now Jindal's office acknowledged to CBS News the governor has not specifically asked for more Guard troops to be deployed.

This is a very big deal. It exposes the fact that Jindal has been playing politics with the spill from day one. He's argued that the federal government has denied him the resources he needs to fight the spill, but even though he's had thousands of National Guardsmen at his disposal, he's only used a tiny fraction of them, allowing more than 80% of the resources at his disposal to go unused.

In light of Jindal's massive under utilization of National Guard resources, it's clear that his attacks on the Obama administration were motivated first and foremost by politics. More than anything else, Jindal wanted to take the heat off the oil industry and put it on the government.

And, Gov. Jindal, you are morally bankrupt too.

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Woah, go here "Jinhdal did activate some National block the media," and you see it's the classic Republican game of maximally politicizing the use of government.  

Jindal needs to be held to account by Louisianans!!

I mean, seriously? What is wrong with a "capaitalist" society, in a nutshell:

It is cheaper to try and control the spin than actually try to fix the problems.

And in this case? It makes good political sense if you want the government to look bad.

"It makes good political sense if you want the government to look bad."

To strip it of what is usable and to maximize its emasculation before you leave the carcass when you're done with it.