"I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better"

In George Eliot's Victorian novel Middlemarch, set around 1830, just prior to the queen's ascension to the throne, one of the main characters, Dr. Lydgate, comments:

In this stupid world most people never consider that a thing is good to be done unless it is done by their own set.

180 years later, and things haven't changed a bit.

'If Obama's for it, I'm against it.'  That seems to be the Republican mantra today.  Obstruction for obstruction's sake.  Make him fail, and to hell with the consequences.

And now Obama, for whatever reason, seems to have started with the same  sort of childishness.

The fracas over the scheduling of Obama's speech to Congress next week is a case in point.  There's no way he (or his staff, at least) didn't know about the prior scheduling of the debate between Republican primary candidates.  Clearly, they didn't care.

Or, if they did, they acted only to poke the Republicans with their own scheduling stick.

Dumb.  And childish.

Just as childish as John Boehner's response, an immature "No you can't" to Obama's "It's my game, so we play my way."

Given the outrageous behavior of the Republicans ever since Obama's election, it's understandable that frustration might have finally boiled over.

I hope not.  I hope it was that the administration just didn't care.

Though that, unfortunately, is not a whole lot better.

Update: Apparently, I'm not the only one disgusted. Fortunately, the Obama administration, fortunately, has decided to act in an adult fashion rather than continuing "a very public game of chicken."  I wonder if the Republicans will ever manage to act as mature.

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