Idiots, Assholes & The Borg Hive Mind

For those of you who are familiar with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager, you'll recognize the character Q as played by John de Lancie. The Borg served as a foil in the form of a nearly unstoppable enemy, one that had a shared hive-mind and assimilated every being & technology in their path, making themselves stronger as they went.

In a way, the Borg is like a social & intellectual living viral colony - a virulent disease, a cancerous tumor that exists solely to feed itself & grow...very much like the right-wing loonies that have infested our political process and begun to tear apart not only the Republican party but also the nation & the world.

There's one notable scene that comes from an episode of Star Trek: Voyager which ties together Q & the Borg in a rather amusing way: Q admonishes his son not to provoke the Borg in the episode 7x19 ("Q2").* You can see the clip here:

I can't help feeling that the GOP & Koch brothers are a bit like Q in this way, and that the TeaBaggers are embodied by the character of Q Junior - out of control and in serious need of an intercession.

Niceties & chuckles aside, it's also very interesting to note that the "activists" on the Right appear unable to discern fiction from reality, public from private...and completely fail to recognize their own penchant for both intellectual dishonesty & hypocrisy.

Case in point: There's a petition at the White House site to have Rush removed from Armed Forces Radio in lieu of his most recent expansive, insulting 3-day tirade against a Georgetown University student & women in general. That makes sense: Rush is a highly caustic, partisan asshole who is syndicated across public airwaves and our tax dollars are paying to play him to our troops - including his blatant ravings against the President, against women, against pretty much anything that the conservatives usually support (albeit, sometimes a little more subtly than Rush).

The petition has been gaining tremendous traction - so, like clockwork, the idjits & imbeciles of the hypocritical Reich have put up a couple of their own. One simply told the President to resign. (I reported that as inappropriate; there was no option to leave any additional commentary, so that's all I could do.) Another proposes to call for the FCC to remove Bill Maher.

Really? Bill Maher? A personality on a private cable station show? There's a bit of a reality disconnect there...and the petition is also in denial of Rush's actual rant:

If those who oppose Rush Limbaugh are going to make a petition to pull him off the air for one derogatory thing he said. It only makes sense that we actually pull people off the air who add nothing to the national dialogue but derogatory and inflammatory language.

(Emphasis mine.)

Really? Since when does a 3-day tirade riddled with over 53 derogatory comments, made on a publicly accessible radio show, count as being "one derogatory thing"?But that's the way of the, the Reich-wing. Distort reality, lie and attempt to bludgeon & bully; disseminate the hate, rinse & repeat.

Because they don't know any better, are unable to engage in true dialog, fear reality and are immature, self-absorbed and absolutely commited to winning by any means necessary, even if it means destroying the very thing they're claiming to be fighting for. Because they can't think for themselves.

Worse, they absolutely refuse to.


*Side note: Q is played to perfection by John de Lancie, and "Q2" - Q's son - is played Lancie's own son, Keegan de Lancie.

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