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CBO Scoring Rep Weiner's Single Payer
by Regina in a Sears Kit House

Hello everyone.  I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I called Rep.

Anthony Weiner's NY-09 office then at their request the DC office.

Me:  Is Rep. Weiner's Single Payer amendment going to be scored by the

Congressional Budget Office?
Nice person:  Let me check.
Nice person:  Yes, it's being scored right now.  The rumor that the

amendment will not come to the floor is not true.  Any floor item must

be scored.
Me:  May I post this on DKos?
Nice person:  You bet.
Nice person:  We sure have noticed a lot of comments about Rep.

Weiner on the site.
Me:  We like his outspoken support and straight talk about insurance

companies and Single Payer.

I told them that it wouldn't surprise me if the cost was the best of

all the bills on HCR.  They both said they sure hope so.


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