Investigate Oakland Police actions 10/25/11 against OWS Protesters

Attorney for the Department of Justice, California, Northern District: Investigate Oakland Police actions 10/25/11 against OWS Protesters


  • Attorney for the Department of Justice, California, Northern District (Melinda L. Haag)
  •  FBI Special Agent in Charge, FBI San Francisco (Stephanie Douglas)

Investigate Oakland Police actions on 10/25/11 against OWS Protesters

Our bureaucracy and law enforcement is practicing acts of violence and tactical terrorism against its own citizens. These citizens are fully backed by their legal rights afforded to them by the US Constitution. These acts are unacceptable on moral, legal, and humanitarian grounds. We the people will not stand for this abuse. This is about democracy. This is about human rights, your human rights.

The Mayor Ms. Jean Quan ordered these attacks, and we request that she be investigated thoroughly for human rights violations against the American people. The police officers who obeyed her unconstitutional, unethical, and illegal orders are legally responsible for what they have done. They had a choice to obey or disobey, as their counterparts in Albany recently did. They proceeded with these actions and they are fully culpable for the choice they made and the harm and injuries that they caused.

When the Egyptian and Libyan government attacked their citizens, officials from police officers to the President voiced moral outrage against those governments but proudly supported those countries' citizens. For the past 40 days, US citizens are protesting the injustices and inequality in our country. US public officials are acting either with violence or remain inexcusably silent. Their failure to offer support for these protesting citizens presents the US citizen with a harmful hypocrisy and a clear signal that our government no longer represents us.

Please sign this petition because you can make a difference. You can allow your voice to be heard. We citizens must come together for each other, since our government ignores our rights and our peacefully stated grievances against it. Here we make a plea that someone with special powers in the FBI or DOJ will heroically go where others in government have failed the American people.


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