It Still Adds Up To Murder: Republican "Fiscal Responsibility" Is Killing Us All

Also worth reading: from 2008, Economic Triage: Euthanizing Hope and Promise in the U.S. on ePluribus Media and Murder by Numbers - The NeoConservative Agenda from 2007 (on DailyKos), both by the same author.

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According to ThinkProgress, Another Patient Dies From Arizona’s Medicaid Cuts As Gov. Brewer Ignores Possible Solutions. From their piece:


As ThinkProgress previously reported, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) advocated for and passed budget cuts last year that cut off urgent transplant funding that was previously promised to 98 Arizonans. In late November, Mark Price, an Arizona father who had been battling leukemia for a year, died due to complications related to chemotherapy treatment he was receiving. Price was awaiting an organ transplant that could’ve saved his life, but he was unable to receive one in time due to Brewer’s budget cuts.

Now, the University of Arizona Medical Center has told the press that another patient passed away in late December because they were unable to get their organ transplant funded.


Just how much is this killer budget savings doing for Arizona?


As the Arizona Republic notes, the savings Arizona is supposed to have by not funding the transplants amount to $1.36 million. As notes, "The fact our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters (hard-working citizens and good people) have been deemed expendable at a price of $13,877.56 per human life still does not make sense."


It makes plenty of sense...if you're a Republican.

Note, too, that in the GOP's overall zest and zeal to nullify any achievements of the Obama Administration, their desire to repeal the Healthcare bill might hit a couple of snags that go directly against the grain of their "fiscal responsibility" mantra: According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a repeal of HCR would increase the deficit by $230B. That's "Billion" with a capital B.

Of course, this kind of reasoning and hypocrisy shouldn't be anything new or shocking to anyone -- this is effectively the same GOP that drove the nation over the cliff and then into a deep ditch at the bottom after they'd had majority control of our government for 10+ years.

What else did you expect when you turned around and put 'em back into power? ...actual responsibility?

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...for catching and showing the ThinkProgress piece that spurred me into the above rant.

His original posting of it is here.


And I mentioned it in a piece I modified and x-posted from here over to My Left Nutmeg:

This legislation did finally get around ERISA laws so the insurance corporations will no longer have a monopoly once the last phase of the law is implemented. Healthcare reform out of DC can be horrible and corporatist if the state picks that route. Connecticut may not be doing that if they make a real Public Option available. Vermont is going Single Payer. So that won't be a corporatist reform.

But everything was basically dumped on the state so a lot of states will be sucking completely with the "reform" they see. Which was partially the point of the post. They should have just short cut to the best answers but they did not. Which was kind of spineless. Now we have to fight for the right things in 50 states.

Emph. mine. (And side note: they bumped it to the front page - yay!)