It's a practiced meme.

It's a practiced meme, one which those familiar with the GOP of today saw coming as early as 2004. During the Bush/Cheney fiasco, the GOP engaged in double-book accounting, hoping the inevitable economic disaster would hit AFTER their majority and WH left office -- but they were too greedy.

The habit of spending the country into a tailspin while using various budgeting and economic tricks to falsely stimulated a facade of 'growth' (one that would be the ultimate cause of the resulting collapse back within itself), then blame the other party that comes in to clean up the mess not only for making the mess in the first place but using the mess to further their agenda, restricting spending and cutting social service programs.

It's got to stop, folks.

They had their demands for "investigations" and "impeachment" sounding BEFORE Obama even took the Oath of Office -- what idiot would see and hear that, and still believe that the Republicans were intent on doing ANYTHING akin to actually working FOR the nation instead of actively against it?

They had fought any investigation of the lies that were unraveling which brought us to war in Iraq during their tenure, and steadfastly stood by the then-President Bush when he boldly announced that he had no exit strategy, and that would be something "for the next President" to clean up decide. Who didn't suspect that they intended to ensure that the high costs of war - TWO wars - would help seriously constrain the ability of that "next" President to curtail the spending and stem the bleeding from the GOP's reckless abandonment of duty, Constitutionality and humanity?

They've actively obstructed EVERY measure that the current Administration and the Democratic majority in Congress had tried to pass, and then lied some more in order to influence the weak-minded and the devastated into voting their incompetent, lying asses BACK into office, where they now have the capacity to do even more damage and to FURTHER obstruct any efforts to actually fix the nation's infrastrure, economy and health.

They've been lying repeatedly; the big lies of their candidates and pundits echo cavernously through the rapidly hollowing skulls of their followers and sychophants...and they are never, ever held accountable for the real, lasting and inhuman swath of destruction which their ongoing reign of (T)error wreaks across the planet.


The GOP of today gets their power from a people weakened by their own poison: the folks who are weak-willed, weak-minded, unAmerican, unPatriot, unChristian, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic hypocrites who claim that they seek only the best for the nation in the eyes of their "god" and their founding fathers are their -- and our -- worst enemies. They enable, and participate, in treasonous domestic terror campaigns while undermining our constitution, our government, our economy and our society, all while being too arrogantly hypocritical to see the damage that they are doing, or recognizing they are the axe-weilding psychopaths who are tearing everything up.

Today's GOP seeks out supporters like that, cultivating and growing them, tending to them as if they were a prize-winning crop at a state fair.

And the nation suffers. The people suffer. The economic, social, scientific, industrial and ethical health of the nation and her people erodes. Amid the suffering, the GOP then claims -- without any actual reality to back up their claims of fiscal responsibility -- that cutting social programs and undoing the very repairs that were put into place after their last great undoing led us (and the world) into the Great Depression would fix the problems.

This is a claim coming from the party that's been steadfastly working to undo those repairs since they first took effect. This claim, coming from the party that not only accelerated the nation's financial meltdown but also added more fuel to the flames by engaging in an illegal war and ensuring that "the next President" would get stuck with it. These claims, coming from the Party that typically cripples the US economy, creates a false set of financial circumstances to be able to look good on paper only (and only while they're controlling access to the raw data), and then pursuing their own agenda through insisting that the programs they've tried to cut before -- while cooking up their financial fiascos and letting them simmer, boil over and catch fire.

All this -- a practiced meme. One that will further decimate the nation, undoing programs that have helped our citizens for many years, and completely destroy the progress made over the past 70 years.

They'd call that a major victory for "democracy" and for their "god" -- I'd call it unmitigated disaster, supported by morons and co-enabled by subsequent parties who hadn't the wherewithall nor the intestinal fortitude to hold these people accountable for their actions.

And then I hear some of these same people wonder why things never get better.

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