Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer Healthcare -- Product Recall

Hat-tip to EmersonHost of DelphiForums for the heads-up.

The following Johnson & Johnson products have had a voluntary recall issued. Click the image to get to the McNeil Consumer Healthcare page for more information pertaining to specific lots involved in the recall.

J&J / McNeil Product Recall image

The recall hasn't received a whole lot of attention, likely due to the relatively low impact and usually mild effects -- nobody's melted, mutated, spontaneously combusted or turned into a flesh-eating zombie -- but do check and be sure that if you use these products, you aren't using one of the affected lots. 

You never know if you or your loved ones might be the one-in-a-bajillion-chance user who'll suddenly start glowing, levitating and reciting nursery rhymes in a dead alien language from a once thriving inter-galactic civilization previously bent on total universal conquest and the redefinition of Tic-Tacs as ambrosia.

This is a public service of someone who hasn't had enough coffee and needs to get out a little more...

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Dr. Helmenstein posts Anne Marie's Chemistry Blog on, and first posted about the recall Tuesday December 29, 2009 and then again on Saturday January 16, 2010. It was the latter instance that EmersonHost pointed to in the initial heads-up that launched this notice for our readers.

Neither Dr. Helmenstein nor EmersonHost have any idea where I came up with my somewhat farfetched and descriptive examples of potential symptoms gone awry.

It's over on DailyKos as part of this item.