Karl Rove caught subpoena'd on camera: Not news, film not at 11, why not?!

The sorry-ass state of shareholder value-captured media, just perhaps!?

From yesterday's OpEdNews

Imagine the look of contempt on Karl Rove's face this past Sunday as he swaggered toward his star turn on CBS's Face the Nation only to be served with our subpoena sanctioned by the Secretary of the State of Ohio.
The federal subpoena orders Rove to testify in deposition. Our attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, intends to ask Mr. Rove about his role in the theft if the 2004 election, and to discuss his orchestration of tens of millions of corporate/billionaire dollars in the one coming up on November 2, 2010.

And why is this footage not all over the Internet?! From today's Columbus Government Examiner,

CBS, CNN capture video of Ohio attorney subpoena served on Karl Rove
The process service for the subpoena reported that CBS and CNN camera men "captured video" of the event.

The watchdog done died and got buried more than a decade ago. That dog don't hunt -- nor eat -- no more.
And people around the world wonder what the hell's wrong with this country. Hello!?!

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