Lenovo Introduces Three New Tablets

Lenovo has introduced three new computer tablets that continue to expand their habit of creating stylish, useful personal technology devices.

The three new tablets are:

  1. The IdeaPad Tablet K1
  2. The IdeaPad Tablet P1, and  
  3. The ThinkPad Tablet

What caught my eye about the latest release is the ThinkPad Tablet, which sports a Tablet Keyboard Folio Case and has digital pen support.

It's technology I'd love to get my hands on for a full - and ideally long-term - test drive.

What kind of new technology has sprung up in the marketplace lately that's caught your eye? Comments are open...



and thought ... pharmaceuticals ... 

Seriously, tho, I love my Logictech Revue. It is the one piece of technology that has really wowed me. 


I may have to do a short "review" of it via interviewing you, and post it here.

How long have you had it?

April and it still continues to amaze me. :) Maybe I don't get out enough.