Let's Play "Une fausse piste: Sardonic Sweetmeat Edition"

It appears that the influx of new Republican governors and bolstered numbers in both Congress and various state legislatures has led to a merry round of "screw the people" all under the faux auspices of budgetary due-diligence and fiscal responsibility. The biggest, most blatant example of GOP (and teabagger) hypocrisy is currently front-paged on DailyKos, neatly summarized with a side-helping of snark:

With all of the crocodile tears Republicans are shedding over the budget, you'd think they'd be more concerned about publicly wasting the taxpayers' dollars because Fitzgerald heard a rumor.

This, of course, has to do with Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) sending Wisconsin State Troopers to the homes of the "missing" 14 Senate Democrats this morning. And it reminds me of a game...

It sounds as if the WI Republicans -- some of them, at least -- may be getting desperate to "win" their game of chicken. Desperate enough that mere rumors of WI Senate Democrats in the vicinity could spark someone to send State Troopers off on a snipe hunt or a wild goose chase.

A snipe hunt, a form of wild-goose chase that is also known as a fool's errand, is a type of practical joke that involves experienced people making fun of credulous newcomers by giving them an impossible or imaginary task. The origin of the term is a practical joke where inexperienced campers are told about a bird or animal called the snipe as well as a usually preposterous method of catching it, such as running around the woods carrying a bag or making strange noises such as banging rocks together. [...snip...]

A wild goose chase can also be more serious, either a deliberate attempt to thwart an opponent by sending him/her off on a quest based on misinformation, or a mistake on one's own part leading to a hopeless quest.

I wonder how carefully they're vetting information and from what sources they're drawing from...?

Wouldn't it just suck if suddenly folks started tweeting sightings of #sardonicsweetmeat everywhere and posting a tracker page to Facebook that kept abreast of these latest developments -- particularly if the reports were all mis-sightings?

I'd hate to find something like that happening. After all, wasting time, money and resources are what the GOP and Teabaggers are all about were elected to eliminate, so such wasteful extravagance would be, well, criminal.

*Think 'anagram' folks...

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