Light Transcription Duties on Republican Financial Reform Debate

We have known for a while that all the Republicans want to to do is avoid actually doing anything to reform that failed free market they still love but nothing makes it more clear than the entirety of their actual input into debating what should be debated:

In fact, not long after the Republicans insisted there had to be yet more debate on the question of whether or not to begin debate, but then disappeared from the floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid called for a "live quorum call," during which the Sergeant at Arms is instructed to require the physical presence of every Senator on the floor. That really shook things up for the GOP, and I just have to share with you the very important points they added to the extended debate they demanded yesterday evening:


That's a full transcript of every word uttered on the Senate floor by a Republican following their demand for extended debate.

Zip. Zero. Not a word.

And there you have it encapsulated in a nutshell. Not only do they have zero solutions to bring to the debate, they have zero inclination to even have the debate about what needs to be fixed. They just want to keep going and waiting for another financial disaster to happen. Thanks to David Waldman at Congress Matters for putting in the effort and taking the time to transcribe all of that. What? You ever try to transcribe silent stupid? It ain't easy...

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