This Link Is Not Safe For Work!

It isn't too safe for your home either...

Their hookline?

"the strongest visual birth control on the market today."

The name of the site?

"Shit My Kids Ruined"

Pretty self explanatory stuff and over the years I have probably thrown out an entire room's worth of stuff that I almost wish I had taken pictures of now. And those pictures? Almost every single one of them? That is one (or the other) of my kids at some time (or another). And that is all my shit too!

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"No shit!"

"Almost everything I own is shit now..."

and could have definitely added to the collection. :)

a couple of my kids came up to look over my shoulder and see the pictures and asked what it was... Then I clicked on the next page and they laughed their butts off knowing that "it was them"... To be fair, and don't tell my kids this, but that was me as a kid too!