Is Little Green Footballs a Communist Blog now?

"The American right wing has gone off the rails, into the bushes,

and off the cliff. I won’t be going over the cliff with them."

From LGF's Charles Johnson:

Why I Parted Ways With The Right

1. Support for fascists, both in America (see: Pat Buchanan, Robert
Stacy McCain, etc.) and in Europe (see: Vlaams Belang, BNP, SIOE, Pat
Buchanan, etc.)

2. Support for bigotry, hatred, and white supremacism (see: Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Robert Stacy McCain, Lew Rockwell, etc.)

3. Support for throwing women back into the Dark Ages, and general
religious fanaticism (see: Operation Rescue, anti-abortion groups,
James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins, the entire religious right,

There are 7 more reasons, among the listed ones, for why you might have
to call him a liberal/communist/socialist/etc. Blogger now. And,
obviously, he is not the brightest bulb in the Blogosphere if it took
him this long to figure it out, but among the right wing? About as
close to a luminary as they had. And holy frick! He slams the door in
every other right wing pundit's and Blogger's face as he leaves. I am just getting some disinfectant ready before I peek at the comment threads over there. ;)

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that I made them their own communist badge to replace their old logo. :)