Looming Election Brings Back Same Old GOP SOP: Voter Caging, Voter Suppression and Undermining Democracy

A huge story is breaking about a massively coordinated attempt by the Wisconsin GOP, the group Americans for Prosperity and a coalition of Tea Party teabaggers to suppress the vote in that state among minorities and students. Major elements of the story so far can be found on DailyKos in a diary by xofferson and a follow-up by One Wisconsin Now.

Voter suppression, particularly through means of voter caging, has been a major weapon in the GOP's arsenal and is brought to bear against citizens particularly likely to vote Democratic -- or at least almost guaranteed to not vote Republican.

ePluribus Media has covered this topic extensively in the past, and below the fold you'll find a list of many of our past pieces, showing elements that tie together voter suppression strategies such as voter caging along with manipulation of the DoJ (particularly the Voting Rights division) and US Attorneys, who'd be the ones who'd have to investigate any claims of irregularities -- real, imagined or fabricated on the backs of tea-stained elephantine fat cats.

If the Wisconsin voter caging story intrigues, interests, offends and angers you, then take a deep breath and venture forth for a more in-depth range of topics that really illustrate just how far the GOP will go in order to compromise democracy and to promote their party, partisan politics and political power over the interests of the nation and her people. The list begins immediately...


The DoJ Flying Under The Voter Registration Radar

... previously under utilized and relatively unenforced motor voter laws. From the Op Ed pages of the NY Times:

A Welfare Check and a Voting Card

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 , better known as the motor-voter law, is ... itty-bitty-change, Participatory Democracy, US News, voter caging, voter registration) ...

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Ohio SoS - No Caging

... hearing before cancelling the registration of any voter in response to an individual's challenge to their voter registration . . . The directive also states that Boards may not cancel ...

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Supreme Court Stops Ohio GOP Voter Suppression Effort

... official in a dispute with the state Republican Party over voter registrations.
The justices on Friday overruled a federal appeals ... Mouse and Acorn! "
I say... " GOP voter caging and voter suppression. "
"I'm astounded that this issue is ...

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What if Arizona "Show Me Your Papers" was never about racism?

... quite a bit about and has written on often in the past: Voter Suppression:
Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to ... you like, tortillas.

Voter suppression and voter caging is a subject anyone that has followed ePluribus Media over the years ...

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The Dismantling of the Justice Department under George Bush

... from the press who is in a frenzy to cover the alleged voter fraud by ACORN?
A startling flurry of inspector general ... leave open the possibility of election-eve inquiries into voter registration drives, and they declare open season even on isolated ... to thwart attempts to suppress the minority vote through caging and other techniques, that could be as damaging as launching ...

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ACLU Stops Illegal Voter Purges in Michigan

ACLU Stops Illegal Voter Purges in Michigan

Voting in Michigan isn't easy or even ... Image cc
Secretary of State's "One Stop Voter Caging" Ends
Michael Collins
Judge Karen Nelson Moore of the ...

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Petty Politics: McCain/Palin -- GOP's Last Gasp or Political Stalking Horse?

... known knowns and known unknowns of GOP dirty tricks like voter caging, redistricting ploys and possible vote manipulation, the GOP faces a ...

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$100,000 Reward: for Citizens to Stop another Stolen Election

... Revolution, an activist group with the aim of exposing voter fraud and returning to paper ballets.
The voting machines, according ...
including the Whitehouse.gov
(also implicated in Palast Caging research)
Less than 1 in 10 million chance of that 2004 Exit Poll ...

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Odds and Ends for Monday Night

... rubber ducky and a paddle.
Republican Hypocrisy and Voter Fraud Allegations
The blog DailyKos recently decided to have some ... Journal) touching on the science and practice of voter caging, disenfranchisement, suppression and fraud by the GOP:

CO ...

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Past Pieces and Random Reminders: Re-recapping the US Attorneys, Voter Fraud and More

... the basis for the Prosecutor Purge and certain political caging activity or to target "soft" political targets for coercion; there could ... of the big GOP efforts to invoke (and avoid) charges of voter fraud and manipulation:
Some of the previous items...
by ...

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Previous ePluribus Media stories on the U.S. Attorneys

Here are some links to fact checked articles on the ePluribus Media Journal:

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There's still more -- these focus on Mike Connell:

Yep -- luaptifer of ePluribus Media has also  

been tracking Connell for a while. Here's one of the most recent:

VR Calls on John McCain to Fire Michael Connell for Covering Up for Karl Rove in Federal Election Manipulation Lawsuit

And now, here's a list of additional related items:

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That's all, folks. For now.

If you've read even a fraction of the stories listed above and still maintain the impression that the GOP, the Republican National Committee, institutes like Americans for Prosperity or the Heritage Foundation and faux-grassroots movements like the Tea Party are actually interested in the restoration of the nation, of rights and freedoms, then you haven't been paying attention.

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Though we don't know the extent of this so far, it does appear that letters were sent (perhaps 500) in an attempt to see if they would be returned as undeliverable. If so, those letters could be used (illegally, but sometimes successfully) to block the addressees from voting.

There are people who don't understand that this 'voter caging' is illegal and unethical (a returned letter, after all, proves nothing). That does not excuse them, however, for it is something easily determined.

If this is happening, it must be stopped. If it is not stopped, our very system of democracy becomes unworkable.


The whole point of the system that the GOP has put together is to try to use the pseudo-logic of a mail test in order to help disenfranchise voters.

While Mumsie was alive, I would have fallen victim to their tactics simply because she often forgot who I was -- at least, didn't recognize my name on mail -- due to the progression of her Alzheimer's, and thus often sent back or destroyed mail that came to the house with my name on it.

But I still lived there, and got mail (usually, but not always) there.