Major Shift on Single Payer in DC?

It appears kicking in their doors, faxing them out of paper and ringing their phones off of the hook is helping single payer as nyceve was invited to go to Washington. I am hoping that means the CNA, NNM and PNHP might all get their opportunities, as well:

I was asked to come to Washington and I need your help 

by nyceve

Thu Jun 04, 2009 at 12:24:38 PM EDT

Dear Kos Community,

I was asked by Congressman John Conyers, specifically two of his indefatigable staffers, Joel Segal and Jonathan Godfrey (and one other Conyers hero, who I don't know named Dan), to come to Washington to speak to what they tell me is a large gathering of Congressional staffers about healthcare reform. Yeah, I'd prefer not to go. I know I'm probably much better sitting behind my computer.

They want me to give a picture of exactly what Americans are experiencing across the land.  You see, living in Washington, and having access to Rolls Royce healthcare courtesy of the taxpayers and the FEHBP, probably makes many of these good people less aware of the suffering, than we are.

So I will give them a lesson in human suffering, death and misery. I will tell them what ordinary Americans experience day-in and day-out at the merciless hands of the for-profit insurance industry, and due to generations of official indifference from those we elect to do our business.

Read on....

If you haven't seen that diary yet?

And if you hadn't noticed that last diary at dKos by the National Nurses Movement on their meeting with Baucus: Sanders told them that Dodd might be interested in having a committee meeting looking at Single Payer in comparison to the other proposals. Baucus was iffy on it.

He agreed to use the power of his office to have charges dropped against the Baucus 13, nurses, doctors, and activists arrested for raising their voices in the committee hearings.

While Baucus continued to aver that single payer can not pass the legislature, the nurses and doctors pressed him to:
• Hold a hearing in which the merits of single payer can be contrasted with the plans now rapidly advancing in the Senate. While Baucus said the tight timeline made that very difficult, Sanders noted that Sen. Chris Dodd is considering a health committee hearing on single payer, which Baucus could co-sponsor. Baucus said, "let me think about it."

Call, fax, email Dodd and ask him to do this. Here is the phone number: Tel: (202) 224-2823

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