Michael Jackson's Death Boosts Readership Of LGBT Newscenter

It's a sad fact but Michael Jackson's death boosted The LGBT Newscenter's readership to over 500 on Thursday creating the highest one day readership since readership tracking of the site was started a week ago.

With the live CBS News feed featuring coverage from KCBS-TV and then late in the evening another Los Angeles TV station, it provided LGBT Internet users non-stop television coverage for several hours of the sad breaking news of Jackson's death.

A special West Coast edition of The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric was also streamed live.

Also on The LGBT Newscenter, The Weather Channel which has been added via Norfolk, VA, was later switched over to coverage from CNN until late into the wee early hours of Friday morning.

Comments from new users sent to the Publisher were delighted to find The LGBT Newscenter and say they will continue to use it.

Readers from over twenty different countries used the site to watch the breaking news.

It's a shame it took Micheal Jackson's death to put The LGBT Newscenter into the forefront for some LGBTs to get LGBT and breaking news all on one website.

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