Missing Man: Iraq and Contractors, Then and Now

Today's news via CNN:

  Missing man in Iraq identified as Army civilian employee

(CNN) -- An Army civilian employee missing in Baghdad, Iraq, since January has been identified as a 60-year-old man from California, the U.S. military said.

Issa T. Salomi of El Cajon was last seen in the Iraqi capital and has been unaccounted for since January 23, the Department of Defense said Friday.

Salomi was working with U.S. Forces-Iraq in the country. Search efforts are under way, the military said. No more information was available.

This is not "new" news -- civilian contractors in Iran have been having a rough go of things throughout this whole debacle. For more information, check out these recent stories by Susie Dow related to civilian contractors in Iraq:

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You may also find the following Journal articles of use, interest and relevance:

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    Missing Contractor: U.S. Military Mechanics May Hold the Keys

    Both Kirk von Ackermann and Ryan Manelick worked for Ultra Services of Istanbul, Turkey.

    October 9, 2003 -- Kirk von Ackermann left a meeting at FOB Pacesetter, a small and isolated...


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It's worth noting the same group was said to be behind the kidnapping of IT specialist Peter Moore and 4 body guards in 2007. The remains of three of bodyguards were returned and positively identified. The 4th body guard, Alan McMenemy, of Glasgow Scotland, is still missing.

Moore was held separately and recently released. He has returned home to the UK. Hopefully, that's a good sign that Salomi will soon return to his family and friends as well.

In addition to Issa Salomi, at least six other American men are known to still missing in Iraq:

Kirk von Ackermann (2003)

Timothy E. Bell (2004)

Aban Elias (2004)

Dean Sadek (2004)

Jeffrey Ake (2005)

Sgt. Ahmed Qusai al-Taayie (2006)

The Department of Labor, who administers Defense Base Act benefits for contractors kidnapped overseas, believes there may be more kidnapped contractors who remain unreported for a number of reasons including privacy.

I'm glad you've kept us all on top of the developments, particularly the recent sliver of justice.

There's a Reuters article out tonight with what looks to be new information on al-Taayie (also al Taie). Terrible, if true.

Iraq group says it has kidnapped U.S. contractor

By Suadad al-Salhy, Reuters, February 6, 2010

The Asaib al-Haq leader said his group was also negotiating with the Iraqi government over the handover of the body of a U.S. contractor kidnapped and killed in 2006 by another group.

He said his group had received the body of the contractor, identified as Ahmed Qusay al-Taie, from the other militant organization and would release it once it received an assurance from his wife that she would not sue Asaib al-Haq.

Ahmed Qusai al-Taayie (also Ahmed K. Altaie or al-Taie) of Ann-Arbor, Michigan was kidnapped on October 23, 2006. Altaie has not been heard from since a proof of life video was released by his captors on February 14, 2007.