Monday Morning Open Thread: A Reagan Resurgence, Historical Rewrite Edition

  • Posted on: 30 November 2009
  • By: Open Thread

This was an interesting view of Reagan, cited as "the greatest American of the 20th Century" in the piece.  Since a lot of the stuff that's currently gone sideways on the GOP originates with the Reagan "revolution" I suspect that the folks are hoping to create a rewritten historical puff piece to bring some of the wayward back into their fold...before using them to smother the nation and cover up the crimes of the Bush Regime.

(Caution: to get it all on one page, I used the "Print This" link -- you'll get prompted for your printer, but should be able to cancel and read the article as one page.)

Reagan's Love of Freedom A Lesson For Today

The piece is definitely pro-Reagan, anti-Carter, and slightly out-of-focus with a few of the realities that were in play.

In short, it's a pretty good piece to review, rebut and reflect upon for why it may be showing up now -- perhaps to recall some of the "good old days" and Reagan "revolution" magic, and perhaps to erase some of the stains and obscure the wounds of the Bush Administration and last 12 years of GOP malfeasance, mismanagement and corruption? Or simply to rewrite history, before reality sets in and too many people realize that the GOP of today evolved from the new direction that launched with the Reagan years?

It's a good time for discussion -- grab some coffee or a beverage and jump right in.

This is, of course, an Open Thread.