More Reports of Foreign Money Polluting Right Wing Campaigns

A few weeks ago Lupatifer passed on reports of the documented flood of foreign money being funneled into the right wing Chamber of Commerce's campaigns which the Chamber has directed mostly at pushing the right wing's corporate agenda and which has resulted in more recent allegations of threats of violence by the Chamber of Commerce and directed at the watchdog groups tracking the foreign money flood.

Now, we have more reports of foreign money polluting and distorting the American campaign process:

European Polluters Funding Senate Candidates Who Oppose Action On Global Warming

As the Wonk Room has extensively documented, nearly all of the Republican candidates for Senate — both incumbents and challengers — dispute that the United States must take action to fight global warming pollution, while many of them deny that global warming exists in the first place. “There is much debate in the scientific community as to the precise sources of global warming,” claims Pat Toomey, the GOP Senate candidate in Pennsylvania. “Global warming is ‘the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,’” says Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK).

It remains to be seen if that stance will pay off at the polls, but for many of these global warming deniers, it already has paid off in the form of sizeable donations from overseas polluters. A new analysis by Climate Action Network Europe has found that large European companies that are among the continent’s biggest greenhouse gas polluters have been dumping large amounts of money into U.S. Senate races, almost exclusively to candidates that oppose the idea of taking action to stop global warming.

ThinkProgress has already documented how money from foreign oil companies is being directed to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is running a $75 million ad campaign against Democratic candidates, and these direct candidate contributions from European polluters exceed the amount that oil billionaires Charles and David Koch have donated to Senate campaigns.

Even odder, given the fringe Tea Party's ranting and raving about the "evuls of Europe" and conspiracies of "New World Orders"?

These rich European polluters are directing their money towards Tea Party Candidates, as well:

European polluters back Tea Party candidates

Some of Europe's top polluters are funding the political campaigns of Tea Party candidates and others in the United States who deny global warming, according to a report by Climate Action Network Europe.

The twelve page report (.pdf) is based on information recently published by the Open Secrets database.

The European companies singled out as major polluters in the report are Lafarge, GDF-SUEZ, EON, BP, BASF, BAYER, Solvay and Arcelor Mittal.

Me thinks the Tea Party doth project too much...

And the right wing, and the GOP as a whole, has become too ensnared by the flood of corporate money from both within and outside of the USA's borders to be able to claim to be a party of the people ever again.

They are mostly just more Kochtopus like AstroTurf for the world's corporations now.


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