Mountainous Molehills In Southern Iraq

Image © Ed Aragon, SMH.AU

If you read all the way down to the last four graphs in McClatchy's coverage of the Great Oilfield Wars, you'll find . . . petulance. It seems the Iraqi and Iranian teams take turns painting and flagging the oilwell in question every few months:

As of late Friday, the U.S. military had grown silent on the incident, directing queries to the Iraqi government. Earlier in the day, the Agence France-Presse news agency quoted U.S. Army Col. Peter Newell , an Army commander in Maysan, as saying the well in question is on Iraqi soil about 550 yards from an Iranian border fort.
Newell told the AFP that Iraqi oil workers make maintenance visits every few months, leave an Iraqi flag and paint Iraqi colors."They'll hang out there for a while, until they get tired, and as soon as they go away, the Iranians come down the hill and paint it Iranian colors and raise an Iranian flag. It happened about three months ago, and it will probably happen again," Newell told the AFP.

Like I said, mountainous molehills.

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