Musings From The Outside Looking In

Indies/Unaffiliateds, people like myself, are becoming the force to reckon with in politics. And it is clear that the majority of us break to the left in our support. I am thinking a 42 percent number is only a slight outlier? But in the general ballpark.

This is a trend I have talked about for a while.

Yes. The Republican party is dying and, yes, the Democratic party is making some gains but, HUGE BUT HERE, indy/unaffiliated will probably keep outpacing them both in growth, IMHO.

Pandering to the centrists (not Radical American Centrists), liberals and socialists on the outside of the Democratic party will probably be the key to the short term survival of the Democratic party. In the longer run? Obviously there is the other trend of the minority and especially the Latino votes that are going to be the major players.

10 years ago? I would have said that the Dem party was risking an implosion of epic proportions.

The one thing that probably saved the Democratic party?

Progressive and Liberal activists and Bloggers in the grassroots that have upended that trend. With an assist from teh crazy and epic failure in the right wing.

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